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  • how many women players are there, in the Shelton area?

    I was just wondering if anyone could guess how many women there are in the Shelton area?

    I have seen some show up for Wed. night doubles
    and there wasnt that many for the showdown.
    (and I understand why the female turn out for both of these might be low)

    but.... when Allison and go out and play, I often see lots of women on the course.

    I was just curious about how many total women there were playing in this area

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    Not even any guesses?


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      Great question

      They say that in traditional Ball Golf, women make up about 20% of playing population (statistic from hearsay, admittedly)

      I've heard that disc golf is at a much lower rate than that at 7-10% (or lower) estimated.

      However, like you, we often notice more females "around" the course which makes us think there is a larger representation than first imagined.

      To add - the Showdown likely had a higher than average female participant pool. A lot of female to female promoting took place to get the attendance that was seen. (most of that happening here on this forum) And even then, look at the PDGA registrant page for the event and see if they didn't come in a little over the 10% mark.

      I know up here in West Sound, we're actively looking to craft many of our events to broaden our disc golfing demographic beyond "the usuals". Time will tell if we start being successful at it, as I imagine attracting wider demographics to the the sport is a slow and steady process over time, rather than expecting an explosion.


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        right now, women make up 7.45 % of the PDGA membership... probably that's a bit higher for simple percentage of women who play casually... but, that's what we're working with folks...
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