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    Here's a couple questions for only our women golfers.

    1) What is your all time favorite course?

    2) If you only have 2 hours to throw, where do you go? Another words, favorite course that is close to home.

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    Originally posted by Amber View Post
    Here's a couple questions for only our women golfers.

    1) What is your all time favorite course?

    2) If you only have 2 hours to throw, where do you go? Another words, favorite course that is close to home.
    Amber this is an awesome thread thanks for posting it.

    Right now my favorite course is Honing's Hideout Canyon course, but I like the whole place too. The Canyon course is so special though, and there is nothing better than being able to get out of work on a weekday just me and my dog Reagan. It is also my favorite place to go with my husband Steve on the weekends.

    Favorite course close to home is Leverich Park. For me not too short, and not too long. Nice bathroom too when it is open.

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      I'll start with question 2, since that seems easier. My favorite course close to home would probably be Leverich. I like the variety. I also like that several holes have some altitude, which always helps one's distance. On weekends, we usually go to Leverich, unless we've got a whole afternoon, in which case we go to Leverich and Pier both. I suppose the answer to this question will change over the summer, since I'm betting it'll be so crowded that it won't be possible to play in 2 hrs. At that point, I think my answer would be Orchard, because there are only 2 courses which I can get to and play in 2 hrs in the summer.

      I have a difficult time with question 1, because I haven't played a lot of the courses that take more than 2 hours enough to really say that they're my favorite. I think 2 candidates for me would be the Horning's Highland course and Wortman, out in McMinnville. I think Highland might be my short-term favorite, but I think it might get old after awhile. Wortman is nice because there aren't really any wide-open holes, so everything is pretty technical.


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        My favorite all time course would be Milo McIver because I like to spend all day playing 27 holes. Funny story is that when I first met my man 10 years ago, he and his buddies would head to Milo to play disc golf all the time thinking that it was only disc golf course. Then few years later, I become hooked on disc golf, and thanks to internet, I discovered that there is a deaf disc golf club, and that there are plenty of dg courses all over Oregon and Washington!

        Since I live in Rockaway Beach, the closest course is Horning's Hideout which I really love all three courses, and HH will move to top of my favorite course soon!
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          My favorite course is Orchard Park. With their short holes, it's pretty easy to play 18 holes in 2 hours. It's not really that close to home, but it is close to work, and I feel pretty safe playing it all by myself, where I don't really feel all that safe playing Pier and Leverich alone.


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            horning's is probably my favorite public course...

            ... my fav of all time, of course, is my home course, The Heathen Canyon, built by my family on my landlord's property out in the coast range... since i am blessed to live on the 4th fairway, it's also where i go when i don't have a lot of time... hahaha!

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              my answer to question one is strange because i have never actually played the course i have just walked it while family members played. but my favorite is milo mciver and i am so excited because i will get to play it for the first time this summer with my family.

              as for question two there is only one park close to me and that would be the course at community park in pendleton. i enjoy the course, it is where my husband first taught me how to play and my kids can run around while i play. i think we play there at least twice a week if not more.


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                For the Seattle side: Favorite course so far is White River (bathrooms and scenery), and closest course for a quick round is Mineral Springs, Northpark.
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