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  • Although everything was fantastic about the weekend I'd have to say for me the highlight was seeing Mrs. Horning out there taking the clinics and playing in the casual round. She was decked out in her stylish golf apparell and the best part was the smile that adorned her beautiful face the entire time. This is a perfect example of what the Chick Flick is really all about.

    Kudo's to the organizing committee, both for the Chicks and the Flock. The planning was super and the execution of the plan flawless. Well done!

    Enough can't be said either for all of the good folks at Horning Hideout. There hospitality was incredible. Ricky through up a covered shelter for shade and boy did that help. Coffee in the shop early in the morning was a swwwweeeetttt touch. What ever we needed they were to there to assist.

    Chick Flick 2010? What can we expect next? Can it get any better? I have a feeling the ladies will take it to a whole new level next year. I for one can't wait.



    • Originally posted by Scott View Post
      There are lots of opportunities for us to play. This weekend was for the ladies (IMO).

      I am very excited that there were so many women registered, and it sounds like there were many new players there as well. What a great way of growing the sport!
      Nobody said anything about you playing, you would have been put to work . There were lots of ladies looking for caddies on Sunday, me included(Zippyboy was running my son to camp so that I could play).


      • Bob, that was beautiful! Seeing Jane out there participating with us was awesome and a definite highlight for me also!!

        Goodness gracious... Eric jokingly told me Friday on the way out "By Monday morning, you'll be sick of fun." I didn't think that was possible, but I sure did give it a shot! It was so nice meeting everyone. Thanks to all the ladies and men that made this such a great weekend for everyone! Can't wait for next year!


        • Originally posted by Susie Sunshine View Post
          Bob, that was beautiful! Seeing Jane out there participating with us was awesome and a definite highlight for me also!!

          I believe it was our awesome TDs idea to convince Ma Horning to join in on the fun. I think Carie just grabbed her, and got her set up with a players pack, and lunch. She played in the causal round, and Gwillim was her caddie. I talked to her on Sunday morning to see if she wanted to play in our newly formed grand masters division. She really wanted to, but had something else going on. She had a blast though, and wanted me to thank the ladies for such a wonderful time. She had never played the canyon course. When I said to her I heard you tore it up out there she replied quietly "yes I did". She also was a little smitten with Gwillim her awesome caddie.

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          • Hello folks out there in Forum land. This is Bryan from Jody and Bryan. We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful weekend. It was such a perfect first tournament for Jody. She had such a blast. It was great to meet you all and hope we can keep in touch and see each other in the future. Happy discin'.


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