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    Originally posted by LJ Jubner View Post
    Clearly, Take action! Just wanted to share the type and quality of service you can expect from the pDGA. I find it interesting that They pDGA got the report and was paid within a week of the event and somehow this money fell through the cracks. Now, I am being asked to recreate it one year later. Quality service, NOT!

    I know where $75 of the $115 is A membership renewal check that was made out to the pDGA that I had to snail mail. At the time I was out just the cost of the stamp now I am donating this players fee's.

    So here it is If you come to my event and are not current. I will not take your renewal, You will be charged the $10 fee and you will have to sort it out nationally yourself not me!
    Lets break this down...

    You say $75 of that was in a check to the PDGA.......

    That would suggest that the "Check" can be traced....

    Was it ever cashed?? or was it truely "lost"??
    Why would you think that YOU would be responsible for this "Check" if it was "lost"??

    All you did was "transfer" something you collected from a player that renewed, right?
    If it was "lost" then THAT player would either have a "Cashed" check or PROOF that it was never cashed.........

    Quit your crying... and admit that you NEVER sent it in in the 1st place.....


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      Thanks Mags for your insight
      I supplied the pDGA with the same info and am awaiting a response.

      Yes! the check is traceable and is being chased as we speak. That does not mean it can be cleared up though unless the pDGA has better books than I think they do.

      I am appalled at the lack of professionalism in regards to the bookkeeping at the pDGA. An entire year and not one invoice or inquiry. I wonder how many others have had similar experiences.This is the second instance I know of that this has happened. The other was the 07 Jet Wash.

      Jimmi sent in the paperwork and than a money order. A week or so after the Wash. A month later after players complained about no ratings He followed up. First the Un-professional DGA emailed that they had the work but no check, then check but no work. Finally they found the deposit slip with his M/O and credited the account current. Two months after the event. All the while his reputation is being ruined because of their incompetence. Fortunately my rep is shot anyway so It's "just par for the course" for me.


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