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  • Ratings calculations

    I feel like I've been told how this works before, but for the life of me still cannot figure it out. How are player ratings calculated? More specifically, on the next update which, if any, of my rounds will drop off and boost/lower my rating?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Rounds outside 2.5 standard deviations will drop off. In other words, they must be really bad rounds. And you must have a lot of rounds for any to drop off at all. If you have enough rounds, it only goes back 2 years. Your most recent rounds count double. For more ask Chuck Kennedy. He is on pdga.com and odsa.com. Is he on this site yet? Beuller? Chuck created the rating system, and puts up with a lot of my crap. He is the man, and the rating system is why I bought a 5-year PDGA renewal. Yes!
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