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  • 2010 USDGC state rep?

    Curious on who will be the 2010 USDGC state rep?
    Also did the BSF TD's receive invites to the USDGC?

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    Originally posted by snap7times View Post
    Curious on who will be the 2010 USDGC state rep?
    Also did the BSF TD's receive invites to the USDGC?
    Our state Rep has not yet been determined.

    Very soon I will be announcing the criteria for this years rep spot.

    The TD of a USDGC qualifier ALWAYS gets a spot at USDGC (Just one though)


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      So YOU want to go to USDGC......

      OK, Here is how the spot will be determined..........

      To qualify for the 2010 Oregon State Rep Spot to USDGC, you must meet the following criteria.

      1. Have NEVER attended USDGC as a player

      2. Be a registered PRO with the PDGA

      3. Write a small statement stating WHY you should be the USDGC Rep and send it to me either thru a PM here or at norcalseries@aol.com

      I know that there are alot of individuals who do not visit this site so I ask that EVERYONE spread the word.
      I will make my decision prior to August 1st.


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        Wait for it!....


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          OK, I've waited nearly 15 minutes...
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            My choice has been made and forwarded to the PDGA and USDGC Director.

            The 2010 USDGC Rep. for Oregon is.......

            Jeff Hagerty


            There were MANY highly qualified individuals who requested this spot and it was not an easy decision to make.
            I feel that Jeff will make an AWESOME Rep. and this experience will help him with his future as a TD and promoter.
            Very sorry to those who didnt make it this year. You can hate me now.


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              Congratulations Jeff.Well deserved.


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                Congratulations Jeff!!!! Well deserved!!!

                I don't hate you Magilla
                PDGA President


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                  Nice call, congrats Bullseye!


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                    Thank you all for the kind words and thank you to Magilla for both considering me and for selecting me as our state representative this year. I am both honored and extremely excited to be awarded this opportunity.

                    Here is the exact letter I wrote to Magilla for all to see...

                    Originally posted by Jeff Hagerty

                    I think I would be an excellent representative for the state of Oregon for a number of reasons.

                    As a frequent tournament player, I always try to keep a good attitude even when I might not be playing my best. I always try to treat my fellow players with respect and be a positive addition to any group of players. On occasion, I can even put together a half-way decent round.

                    As a member of the disc golf community, I am on the board of directors for Stumptown Disc Golf, arguably the largest disc golf club in the northwest. I run my own sanctioned events, I have mentored first time TDs and I also volunteered to help them run their own events. I frequently attend work parties, and have played a role in the installation of several courses in our area.

                    While I am probably not going to be the guy fighting it out for the win at the USDGC, I am certain I would represent Oregon with class.

                    Jeff Hagerty
                    PDGA #24724
                    "You won't like me when I am angry, because I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources". - The Credible Hulk


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                      I agree with everything you said about yourself! Congratulations Jeff!


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