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  • what is a mando?

    If a tree has a mando ribbon what part of the tree is the mando? Does the mando extend up from the marked area? there is a tree at steilly that is hanging over a fairway and has a mando ribbon. you can get inside the ribbon but miss part of the tree because it splits. you can also do the opposite by going outside the ribbon but inside part of the tree. If a ribbon is at a lower part on the tree below where the tree becomes seperated what becomes of the mando?
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    it all depends if anyone else saw it

    i'm not positive but i've always thought it was the whole tree (sometimes the ribbon is just placed in a spot to be seen best)


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      Trees that have significant split trunks should be avoided as mandos. However, if they are used, the TD can specify whether passing the left or right trunk is the mando above the split. If the TD hasn't specified, then the default is the trunk on the side the mando is supposed to be passed. So, if the mando has to be passed on the right side, the right trunk would have to be passed on the right above the split even if it starts arcing even more to the right as it goes higher.


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        please provide rule reference for your explanation.


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          The rule says... mandos should be avoided at all cost!
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            Chuck, please provide rule reference for your explanation.
            Simply the mando rule itself but you could also look at the Q&A on mandos: http://www.pdga.com/faq/rules-questi...ssed-mandatory

            Not sure what is unclear. TDs have the right to specifically define what it means to pass the mando. In the event the TD does not do that, then you must default to the second sentence in the rule itself which is the disc must pass the correct side of the mando. That would indicate the most conservative choice which would be as far to the right (or left) of the legitimate vertical section of the tree (excluding the horizontal branches).


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              Well mandos is cool but it's too far for me to drive but when I'm going to play in Auburn I try to stop by.
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