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    Take a look at the fairness rule 803.01F. Presuming a timepiece is not available, then some other means must be used (counting, internal clocks, changing sun position) and the group can make that determination. Per the rules, the start of such ad hoc timing method does need to be noted.

    Side note: Since it seems like discs are many times found right after the time limit, I'm prone to call "time" early so the disc can be found faster...


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      One thing that helps resolve these situations is if players "man up" and take their lumps. As a player, you know when you're in the wrong. Just act on your conscience, and you will make the right move. Playing from a disc that has been declared lost, arguing that a grass blade might be under your asphalt-surrounded disc, foot faulting in the schule when no one can see, arguing about 3 minutes (or 30 seconds) when it's obvious it has passed, all these are less than honorable things to do - it's cheating. Golf is all about integrity and honesty, if everyone adhered to those principles, most of these debates would never occur. Hell, when I have a lost disc, I start a timer on myself! It is not my intent to try to get more than the 3 minutes I deserve.

      Example: At the RCO on Sunday, After driving Trojan hole 8 short into the schule, then short off a tree, then OB into the canal, then approach, and putt, I mistakenly reported my score as a 5p. A few holes later I realized I had a 6p. What do I do? The answer is obvious: report the correct score, and have the scorecard changed to reflect the correct score, 6p. Which is what I did, of course.
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        Wow, nice discussion. And I thought that Saturday was bad.

        The one thing that makes this a tougher than usual call is the fact that 2 discs were lost and being looked for at the same time. It is really hard to use the 'internal timer' when the first disc is found and that player throws his next shot before the 2nd disc is either found or declared lost.

        This all happened on hole 5 and the group came around to where I was watching the play from tee pad 9. My advice to the card in deciding the ruling for themselves (I was already bitter about a ruling on the previous day) was "Did the second player get the FULL 3 minutes of everybody looking for his disc or was he shorted by the fact that the first player found his disc and took his next shot?" Two of the three players didn't think that he did. Not being there to time it made me not want to make the call without the input of the group. The really nice thing that I appreciated was that since we were next to one of the bathrooms the player in question went to use the facilities to allow the rest of the group to vote without him present.

        On Saturday I was spotting on the new longer hole 13 pin placement that was surrounded by very tall grass. Each time that we looked for a disc I noted on my watch when the 3 minutes started (even though I started looking before the groups usually made their way up the fairway). I only had to call the 3 minutes twice all day.

        And yes Flash, I DID mention the shule on hole 5 on Sunday and the suggestion that ANY shot into those bushes be immediately followed by a provisional shot to save time in case the disc was lost.

        It is Treelove's post that I MOST agree with however.

        Any idea that the score should've been other than a 4 or a 6p is insane. A player should always play a provisional throw if the ruling is in question. And as long as you play both shots all the way out you shouldn't be penalized for the shots that are determined to be the ones NOT used for the hole score.

        My TD tenure may be coming to an end very soon...
        Hath this whole world been mired in madness?
        Remain ye men of faculty complete,
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        Or does here stand the last remaining man
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        No noble savage, but a stave unbroken
        Who loves the law and bids it no misdeed.
        Iíll not be bent to lawlessness. Mark it nought, if we be men of honour.


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          Remember This ain't therapy It's Gambling

          I always wear a watch. Keep track of when all start looking. Normally I will suggest (sometimes strongly) that we look for one disc at a time. Give the three min and then go forward repeating the process for the other disc. In ball golf when your time to look is up you have abandoned the shot and need to play on. I have noticed that sometimes players half hearted look for a competitors disc. But when it's their disc it's a whole other kettle of fish. I guess it comes down to All players need to be officials and have the book with them at all times. We manage to give them cards for each round Why not a rule book for each group! I can tell you When something like this happens I like to find three other officials and have them pow wow with the players. Make some sort of decision and I as TD accept their ruling. God knows I have enought to do without getting bogged down by a land war in Asia

          Jordy I am saddend by your last statement. Whom ever read you the riot act should be ripped for his dis-courteous behaviour towards you. If It had been me I would have pulled the player aside and ripped him a new one. If the player had continued I would have given them their money back and told them SEE YA!!! Just because someone decides to be a TD does not give the rest of us the right to be abusive towards them.

          And If I were the the one who acted out I would personally apologize to everyone at the event
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            looking for lost disc

            803.11 states that once arriving at the point of the lost disc, two people of the group or an official must start the time, upon request all members of the group must help in the search, so there is the process on which to start the clock, the gray area is that people usually don't comment on when the looking begins or time it accuratly, so if your time is was never started and your disc is not lost then are in violation of playing in a timely manner plus the lost disc when you don't find it. I agree that things like watches, rule books, rolled up meter markers should have to be present in every group to determine proper play or wait for an official to figure it out