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  • I need a ruling!! (ok maybe just curious)

    So in a casual round the other day thge first person in our group teed off and hit a nearby tree. The disc bounced directly back and came to rest on the teepad.

    If this was tourney play, what should the group do?
    How do you mark the lie? who throws next?
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    if that happened to me, i would just re tee, take the stroke and laugh it off. then proceed to joke about how that darn tree needs to be cut down!!! how dare it get in the way of my game. right?!
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      Seems like the correct ruling would be for the player to mark his lie and throw again.

      The players newly established lie is technically the furthest from the hole, if the front edge of the tee area is the defined as the front of the player's lie to start the hole.

      Players, if any, that have not teed will have to wait for thier turn to throw.

      But the PDGA Rules state:
      801.05 Order Of Play

      A.Teeing order for the first hole to be played is determined by the order in which the players are listed on the scorecard(s).

      B.Teeing order on all subsequent holes is determined by the scores on the previous hole, with the lowest score throwing first, and so on. If the previous hole was a tie, the scores are to be counted back until the order is resolved.

      C.After all the players in the group have teed off, the away player throws next. After that and each subsequent throw, the player who is then the away player throws next, until all players in the group have holed out.

      D.To facilitate flow of play, a player who is not the away player may throw if the away player consents.

      E.During tournament play, no group may play through the group ahead unless the group ahead is required to stand aside in accordance with the rules or as directed by an official.

      F.Throwing out of turn is a courtesy violation

      The away player is not established until all players have teed off.

      Would the senario be different if the disc, in this senario, had landed behind the front edge of the tee box, but not on the tee area surface?


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        The big picture question would be:

        Can the player use the entire tee area to establish thier lie?

        PDGA rules state:
        Teeing Area (or Tee)
        The area bounded by the edges of a tee pad, if provided. Otherwise, the area extending three meters perpendicularly behind the designated tee line. The teeing area is also a lie.

        The spot on the playing surface behind the marker, upon which the player takes a stance in accordance with the rules. It is a line 30 centimeters in length extending back along the line of play from the rear edge of the marker disc. The lie for the first throw on a hole is the teeing area. A drop zone is also a lie.

        True, the player has already thrown thier first throw, but the tee area is also a lie. Sure, a player has to establish a lie to start the hole or throw thier subsequent throw (drop zone fits the same criteria). This is probably the best reasoning for a large defined area to use as a player's lie when an exact point can't be defined.

        How about a tee area for another hole? Wouldn't that be sweet (to recover from a bad throw). Land on any tee pad and you get full reign to throw from any spot on that tee pad. Options are unlimited. Yeah, that would have a putt putt golf feel to it and not much like real (disc) golf.

        Don't forget to have some "fun" rounds..............


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          I could be way off base but what about the below.

          803.02 Optional Relief and Optional Re-throw
          Optional Relief. A player may elect at any time to take optional relief. The lie may then be relocated to a new lie which is no closer to the target, and is on the line of play. One penalty throw shall be added to the player's score.

          Optional Re-throw. A player may elect at any time to re-throw from the previous lie. The original throw plus one penalty throw shall be counted in the player's score.
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            That would always be an option, but the player could establish his new lie based on where the disc came to rest and throw without the penalty stroke.

            Enigma Squad's original scenario comes down to safety. He could mark his lie with an approved marking device and then wait for his turn to throw (after all players have teed off).

            The problem is that the tee area would not be safe for the other players to tee off (mini marker or disc on the tee area).

            Do you allow the player to throw from his new lie using proper stance rules?

            Or do you mark his lie with an alternative marking device (small sharpie mark, use a piece of bark to make a mark, etc) to make the tee area safe and allow him to throw as the "away player" after all players have teed off?


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              Simplicity, courtesy, safety, common sense: The player who whit the tree throws next. Call him the "away player" if you wish. As usual, leave the disc down, and it becomes the marker, or use a mini. No need to make up rules. Player can't use the whole tee pad, this is not a tee shot, must not foot fault. Player is throwing 2nd shot, no stroke. Awkward part of the teepad,? Want relief? It's always available, for an added penalty stroke. Don't over-interpret rules, find their essence. Also, order of play is a courtesy issue.
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                I don't see ANY reason why the player/group couldn't note the lie/location of the disc then remove the disc and let the rest of the players tee off. After everyone had teed off, the disc or a marker could be placed back in the approximate location using 802.03F (A marker disc that is moved prior to the ensuing throw shall be replaced to its original position to mark the approximate lie.) and the player takes his second shot. Can anyone find a ruling that prohibits this?


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                  If I were in the group, I would also agree with this option. But if I were yet to tee off, I would not agree to marking the lie with anything that might interfere with my footing. Also, would not want to vandalize the tee pad. I would agree to a small pencil mark.
                  Ratings-based divisions: disc golf's inevitable future.
                  Disc Golf Calendar: www.NWDiscGolf.info, or click CALENDAR at top of page
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                    I'd think the rules defining the teeing area would apply. Hence the player would place a mini immediately in front of the tee pad, the other players would throw their drives, then the player would play his 2nd shot, using the tee pad as his lie.
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                      This makes the most sense to me. Hopefully, Chuck will chime in, and clarify.
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                        When a player throws and lands back on the tee pad they just threw from, it's played like a normal inbounds lie. Use the thrown disc or mini to mark it and play from there, no different than if it landed on an inbounds sidewalk or another tee pad like maybe the short pad on that same hole. If other players in the group still have to tee off, that player throws next to get out of the way similar to when a player's shot from another group lands in your fairway. You let that player throw and then proceed.


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