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  • Lost disc

    This rule was brought to my attention just looking for someone that can give a little clarification.

    Lost disc
    If it is discovered, prior to the completion of the tournament, that a player's disc that was declared lost had been removed or taken, then the player shall have two throws removed from the score for that hole.

    The way I interpret the rule is if the disc is removed or taken (by another person or animal maybe?) not lost by the player than they would get there stokes replaced but if the disc is lost by the player from the throw than they would still get the original throw plus there penalty stroke.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    I've always thought that this exception to the lost disc rule (stroke and distance) was in the case that someone had taken the disc before the player had a chance to find it.

    Kind of hard to locate a disc that's not where you think it is because another player picked it up thinking it was a forgotten or lost disc from a player earlier in the round.


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      This happened at the Beaver State Fling this year in a masters group. Both guys threw similar discs. Guy1 walked up and found Guy2 discs but thought it was his, he played from it and put it in his bag. Guy2 could not find his disc in the area he thought it landed. Three minutes elapsed so Guy2 went back to re-tee throwing three. Guys 1 realizes two holes later the disc in his bag is not his but belongs to guy2.

      They came to TC after the round to have it worked out.

      We separated the issues and gave Guy1 the appropriate penalty for playing from the wrong lie.

      Guy2 we took two strokes off his score for the removal of his disc from play.

      Sad thing is Guy2 has to deal with the emotional distress of losing a disc and re-teeing with a different disc and then trying to remain composed enough to complete the hole and forget about the lost disc. Its a tough situation and the better golfers get through this will little impact to their mental focus.

      The real issue is how do you know that the disc was intentional removed unless someone comes to TC and says they picked up the disc during play.
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        Yeah, I was Guy1. Guy2 did eventually forgive me. Funny thing is my disc never did turn up, even though everyone in the group thought that mine landed in plain sight and his landed farther up the fairway.


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