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  • Not going to Flippin' Ze?

    The thread of one-disc wonders has me wondering about my one-disc choice.

    If anyone in Seattle will be in town this weekend, and the weather doesn't completely kill my will to live, then I propose an informal OneDisc tournament at Seatac.

    One round, one disc, one dollar ante. I'm willing to scrounge up a buck to see if my ESP Zone really is a good choice, and to see if you fools really can putt with your precious ROCs .

    I'm thinking noon-ish on Saturday.
    The only thing miraculous about ICP is the fact that their children look like them...

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    Hahah. If I can sneak out of obligations, I'll be there!
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      Sorry I couldn't make it in time but what about an actual one disc tournament? How should it be structured? Or should it be two discs? To allow for a putter?
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        I'm hella down to play!! 1 disc, 1 mini for spot placement, 1 dollar. PDGA rules?
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          Originally posted by Mikk View Post
          PDGA rules?
          Most of 'em.

          I forgot about the mini thing. I suppose it would be necessary, huh? I think a backup of your disc (mold and plastic the same, but not necessarily the weight) should be allowable in case you lose your one disc.

          Bro, no putters to compliment your PinkOrc. And what are you talking about "sorry I missed it"? Have you been driving too fast in your DeLorean again?
          The only thing miraculous about ICP is the fact that their children look like them...


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            this sounds like a blast, but 2 things keep me from doing this.
            1) work.
            2) the live feed of the FINAL round of the USDGC!!!!!!

            how could you miss that????
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              Oh Ryan, you have a damn good point. With the rain factoring in as well, I may have to just bundle up and watch Michael Jo show the youngsters how it's done.

              If the weather doesn't get any worse, I'll be up for heading to Seatac after the USDGC final round is over. Stay in touch, those who expressed one-disc interest, we may play today yet!
              The only thing miraculous about ICP is the fact that their children look like them...


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                Sorry I never made it. My car fried the ignition module about a mile from my house. Didn't want to pay for a tow truck so I used a sinch strap and my toyota corolla!! Finaly got my car fixed. I run a friendly doubles game on sundays @ 8 am @ white river if your still down for the 1 disc thing. I play reguardless of weather cuz it could get ugly during tourney play and its important to be used to crappy weather.
                Hukin since 1992
                DGOD #115


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