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  • Lost Discs at Seatac at the Battle of Seattle

    Hole four in the bushes off to the left I lost a disc during the tournament. I searched forever and know somebody must of picked it up. Bright green 1st run Star Archon with a rainbow stamp.

    Other one I left somewhere along the course pearly yellow sidewinder with a custom Hobbes stamp. Both had names and phone numbers

    It would be awesome if they turned up, but if they didn't show up during the tournament I can only assume the worst. IF they were taken someone has a lot of bad disc golf karma coming their way!

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    Well, if you need a replacement, let me know, I have this one........

    New, no ink, 171 g.

    PS, sorry bout the blackberries on the other side of the fence on 4, Erik and I talked about cleaning that up, but we havent got around to it yet.
    Hopefully this week I will get time to smash on those.


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      You're not alone...My friend, playing in her 1st tourney, lost a blue star valk out there also. Keith said something about the CityParks people clearing out those thorny bushes, so maybe some discs will turn up then.
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