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  • Lost - white Huklab markers at Trojan

    Mini's were snapped together and must have fallen out of bag - no name or number on set - doh!


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    Any chance you may know where about you lost them? I may be going back out sometime this week to try to fish my Star TeeRex out of the drink behind #2, and fish two of the floaters we left out there on Saturday. Let me know.
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      Not a clue didn't realize they were gone until I went to toss them at the Lucky Mud the next day. Thanks for looking though.


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        I am pretty sure they are still available for an outragous price at Next Adventure. Send Jay to worlds buy two minis


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          Ah, Jub... you're so cute. I think the minis just pay for him to go to more local tournaments. It's when you buy a towel or even a disc that he gets enough to go to worlds. Of course, he has to break away from the dozens of live-in hookers at his palatial estate where he has his own private dg course and full-time wait staff - all paid for by the few things he sells on a weekly basis. But... having sold that chair, he can hop in his Ferrari for the drive to his private jet. Since Worlds is over for the year, I understand he has been spending a lot of time in the Hamptons... or maybe it was Bermuda. I forget.

          You say dumb things.
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            ah! Things are right in the world once again..