Some new discers to the game are finding discs and not returning or STEALING discs!! Page Title Module
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    Originally posted by captain jack View Post
    Agreed, this is not big news.

    Playing a round with Brent Smith a few weeks ago, we both threw drives on #1, with a guy practicing letting us play through.
    We walk past his disc, and Brent says " Hey, I think thats my disc" and I said, "No Brent, thats belongs to the dude thats practicing"

    He says, " No , I think its mine", so he picks it up, and sure enough, its got his name and number hastily crossed out, with another name written on it.

    He yells back at the guy " Hey this is my disc ", the guy comes walking up and says " Oh, my kid found it "

    Then he kept saying " Are you sure its yours ", even after Brent showed him his other discs with the same sig. on them.

    He finally said " OK, take it"

    This was an older guy, not a kid, with a disc golf bag and alot of discs, you would think he would know better.

    Here's what I think.

    In these times of economic stagnation, the value of a disc goes up greatly.
    People are so poor, they're stealing the damn sewer grates.
    Microsoft peeps play polo, poor people disc golf.
    We play in public parks for the most part, that we share with everyone.
    If you leave a disc somewhere, consider it gone, for good.

    If you are lucky enough to have your disc found by a person who will do what they can to return it, be thankful, there is fewer and fewer of us every day.

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      2 years
      numerous discs lost
      1 call
      Huh...I didn't even see that tree.
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        I lost one at Dexter in March and WOW a call 2 weeks back someone found it and said they would hold it till I made it back over, will I see it ? I dont know but it was good to hear someone tried, I know I call them all in and have returned a few that made it back to a happy owner, now I hope I get my disc from Timbers I forgot to pick up on 17 cause I was to busy teaching my girl on throwing and missed out on what I was doing. All I can say is keep calling them in, Karma is worth while


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          I have a couple discs in my care awaiting the return of their owners.

          The first was a Champ Spider I saw in the storm drain at Pier Park. After taking apart the grate and climbing in the muck I pulled it out of the depths. I called the owner, who lives in South Carolina, he said he gave the disc to his friend here in Portland. He has notified the friend, but I have not received any word for over 3 months now. It is still just hanging out in my bag.

          The second was a X-Out DX Beast(confirmed by the owner) I knocked out of a tree on hole 7 at Pier. I had a bad drive that hit some branches and this one dropped down as well. Called the owner who lives in Salem. She said I could keep the disc if I wanted, but considering it is 150gram and being a Beast is a mold I already have, I told her I would keep a hold of it until she made it back up to Portland.

          The only others I have found were at Lunchtime, and the owners were just 2 groups ahead of us. They made easy returns.

          It is unfortunate that there is a strong attitude of finders keepers in our world now. I have a student in my youth ministry that has this problem. Anything sitting out is immediately grabbed up by him and I have to remind him that it is probably someone else's.
          Disc golf ruined my life.


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            Originally posted by Fancher_503 View Post
            Your right, my apologies for those of you who seen my poll option 3, I have a bad sense of humor hey I heard it while playing at the calapooia and thought it was pretty funny
            Only in Albany will that humor come out lol


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              I have been playing steadily for about 3 years and have only lost one disc with no call. I have had 4 others lost with return on call. One of which was an ace disc(my only) that a guys dog found that he has been training to find discs :-) I have actually returned about 7 or 8 by calling or droppin off at a store for them to pick up later. I feel that it is my part to get peoples discs returned to them, cuz i would want the same. And if I find one looking for mine, I know that they went through hell looking for their own. I dont stop when I try and find them until it gets dark :-)


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                The only ones I have had returned are ones that I go back for during that round, (carrying a 9 disc bag helps). I have never received a call on a lost disc and I've been doing this for some time. If it's lost, move on.
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                  this is why i think there needs to be a master list and a caretaker of lost discs in each state in the nw


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                    I would gladly take on the role of Washington State Master Lost Disc Wrangler and Returner, but who will pay my full-time salary with medical, dental, and 401k? The pipe in that Pipe Dream smells suspicious...
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                      I would take on the oregon disc golf returner if it ever really came to be


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                        Originally posted by ChUcK View Post
                        I would gladly take on the role of Washington State Master Lost Disc Wrangler and Returner, but who will pay my full-time salary with medical, dental, and 401k? The pipe in that Pipe Dream smells suspicious...
                        Yep, its too sweet of a job for the private sector, it would have to be a government job, paid for with all those extra dollars that fat overpaid citizens waste on double cheeseburgers at Macdonalds.
                        I think we need some really expensive lobbyists to promote this in D.C. too, and maybe a few million to throw at some poor slobs campaign fund.
                        Maybe we need a new Bill proposal for Congress.

                        I will nominate myself as the National Undersecretary of Interstate Lost Disc Management, thats a title worthy of a six figure salary, and maybe use of a gov. G6 to fly between courses, with little to no work involved.


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                          I find it amusing that the immediate assumption is that all discs that are found and not returned are due to new players. I think there are just as many older players and those that know better that keep lost discs.

                          In the end I can only control my actions and better myself if someone else wants to be a thief so be it. That is their life to live.
                          "Love is not primarily a relationship to a specific person. Love is an attitude, an ordination of character which determines the relatedness of the person to the whole world as a whole, not toward one object of love.


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