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  • Taken at Leverich

    My 162 yellow beat to hell CE Eagle from hole one.

    This brings me to a related issue. There is a large number of homeless that live in the vicinity of Leverich Park. The current going rate for buying back any plastic that these people find or steal is 5$. It does not matter if the disc is a pro d challenger or a first run CE teebird 5$! 5$! 5$! These people see this as a quick money grab so watch your discs while playing in Vantucky, or anywhere there are sketchy douche er dudes that might nic your discs; we ARE in a recession.

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    2 dudes, Dustin & Noah, offered me to sell me discs at Leverich. One was marked as belonging to Tony S, I bought it and returned it to Tony. I thought it might help to get the guys' names, in case they might know anything about Tony's car, which was stolen from Leverich Park the day prior, where these guys claimed to reside. I also later noticed graffiti referring to a "Dustin" near alt tee #5 on the bridge pier.
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      Thanks for the heads up. I would be pissed if somebody just picked up my disc and attempted to sell it back to me.
      Disc golf ruined my life.


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        Sorry to hear about Tony S.'s car. He is a really good guy.
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          It might be time to go vigilante on these bitches see how they like a couple of 5 dollar champion fire birds through the teeth.

          Seriously though next time I play here I'm bringing some fucking bear mace and wont think twice to use it to shoo them away

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