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  • TBird LEFT on #8 Dabney - NO REWARD

    After playing #8 at Dabney Doubles I left my TBird (marked with name, number and "roll me") within 20 feet of basket in plain view. It was not there when all 40 or so DD players were done playing, along with 1 or 2 other groups I saw. It was in plain sight. The likelihood of a DD player having picked it up is pretty high.
    May I have it back please? If the number was too hard to read, please PM and I'll call or give you my number. The DD TD, Kevin, will also gladly take lost discs and try to get them back to their rightful owner.
    I waited until every card was in, or so I thought. Must have missed whoever picked it up somehow.
    I'd appreciate getting it back.
    Have it and don't plan on returning it? Man up and let me know you think you deserve it, and why. Heck, maybe I'll agree.
    Just for having the balls to return it now I'll even give you two other discs. One for giving mine back and one so that you give the next person's marked disc back you find.
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