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  • Returned disc karma

    I find a Katana at Dabney last Thursday. Call. No response.
    Wait a few days. Call when I'm at Dabney again Monday. Answers, working, tough to pin down a time to get it to him. Exchange numbers.

    On hole one J. arrives with another found disc. I call the #. Answers. TOugh to return. Says give it to D Moore- who I see maybe 2x a year. We agree that somehow he'll get it back. I go put it in trunk. On hole six D Moore walks up! Disc returned after hole 18.

    On hole 14 I pick up a Valk laying in the fairway. Brand new but marked. Put it in bag to call later.

    Feeling good, I call Katana man again. At work. On my way home. Disc returned 20 minutes later.

    Forget about Valk for two days. Sleep guy answers and says, "I lost that?" Will pick up Thursday before DD. Calls back, more awake and says, "You keep the disc."

    Thanks for the new disc. Glad Scott and Samuel have their discs back.
    All in all a wonderful trio of disc losses and returns. I wish they all worked out that well for everyone.

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    Its cool that you put in good effort to return lost plastic!! Keep it up!
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      Nice story for my Friday morning Wes!


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        yesterday i see a disc at my friends house which he found at mciver 2 years ago. we called back then but no answer, forgot about the disc somewhere in his house, anyways. when i saw it there yesterday i decided to call him again after 2 years. i get a hold of the guy and ITS HIS BIRTHDAY. that was defenitely meant to be.


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          I learned another lesson yesterday. I had been feeling pretty good about myself for getting those discs back. Even pre-counted the karma.
          Yesterday I lost my prize disc; a red CFR Wraith on 11 at Dabney. Didn't foresee it. Couldn't even believe it was missing. Looked. Gone. For now.

          I'm reminded that no disc is forever.
          (Though I wish I could have been reminded by losing something else.)


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            I lost a orange Sidewinder a week ago at Leverich. I was golfing today and this guy asked me if I got my sidewinder back. I said no. He said he gave it to guy to give it to me. The disc has my name and number on it. I live 2 houses off the course and alot of people know where I live. Well he told me he gave it to this guy and it just so happens I saw him right after that. I asked him where is my orage sidewinder and he says he gave it to Ryan. I have found alot of Discs when I walk my dogs and have returned everyone of them that had a phone number on it. I also have had some Discs returned which I am grateful for. I am really pissed when I find out people I know find my Discs and do not bother calling the number. It is stealing!
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