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  • Lost USDGC Roc at freakin' Juel!!!

    Walked off from my Orange with Green Metalic Eye Roc 2006 180 grams. On my fourth throw. Some guy picked it up- held it above his head (someone saw him but I was 2 holes away) and then left. My name and number are on rim. Twice.

    No call. No love.

    Reward for Disc. Whatever seems appropriate.
    Reward for Disc Thief (just his bloody severed head). My undying gratitude and legal representation.

    I am going to be hangin' at Juel more and I am going to find out if Disc Thieves Taste Like Chicken.

    Man, am I an idiot. And he is in trouble if he makes the mistake of throwing that disc when I am around.

    No more good looking discs. Gonna dye them all hot pink and then scrawl my crap all over them. Bastards.
    What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
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