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  • Lost Predator at Greenway **IMPORTANT**

    I just lost a brand new older type golden colour Z Predator today at Greenway on hole 7. It was raining and I slipped and threw the disc on the left side of the pathway in the bushes about halfway down the fairway. Spent quite a while looking for it, no dice.

    Anyway, I'd REALLY like this disc back as it's getting more and more difficult to find these specific types of Predators, they are much better than the new ones.

    Here's a foto of the disc. If anyone finds it, I will be sure to compensate them accordingly.

    It does have my name and fone number on it, but that doesn't mean as much as it should sometime. If anyone sees anyone playing with it, please try to make an attempt to recover it for me and I'll make sure to return the favor ten fold!


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    Ryan, I have Hab/Rec today but I will definitely look for it tomorrow. Do you think it might be in the water? How high up was it? Forehand shot I'm guessing?


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      Originally posted by Brody Cannon View Post
      Forehand shot I'm guessing?
      No, he's a lefty.


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        Thanks for the offer Brody, however, IT'S BEEN FOUND!!

        I got a call while I was playing Hab/Rec (or maybe swimming, can't remember) and some nice guy name George left me a voicemail saying that he found it and wants to get it back to me!

        I love it when people actually call the fone numbers!

        Crisis averted!


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          Originally posted by Scott View Post
          No, he's a lefty.

          I know...
          Hole 7 has the junk on the left side and I'm guessing it slipped because he probably didn't turn it over throwing it backhand.


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            As a member of the Pred club, I'm glad to hear you got it back Ryan. A loved Pred is a terrible thing to loose.
            educate your thinking


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              I'm glad to hear it was found. I went to look on Sat. but the water over there was high and fast. it didn't look good.


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