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  • Dabney - hole 2

    I don't know why I still let that damn pond psych me out. I know I can make it across, but I'll still lack confidence and throw something that "I won't mind if I lose".... so, I lost two discs in it on Sunday.

    First round, 150 R-Pro Boss. Bright Orange. Should have my name and number on it, although it could be a bit faded and hard to read.
    Second round, 150 DX Wraith. Bright Orange. Name and number are on it.

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    Green FLX Buzz - the first time I EVER put one of those into the water

    that day
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      Whatever you do, don't throw yellow sidewinders over that pond.

      BTW I lost two yellow sidewinders in there on Sunday.


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        DX or Pro-D ($7 replacement cost) is definitely the way to go at Dabney #2.
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          Yeah. I threw my Lightening #2 Driver I won as a ctp prize on that hole. It was free. Unfortunately I did not loose it in the pond.
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            Guess I will add to this thread too lost my yellow star Valk Got a little too close to the left, and hit one of the branches on those little trees hangin out plop right in.

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              Branch got me too

              I too, lost my roadrunner in the pond because of those branches on the left. However, I have to give thanks to Pine (Chris Pine). Even though I told him not to over and over again, he stripped to underwear and went in the pond for my disc. He also grabbed the blue one that was right beside mine, which ended up being his teammates. After climbing out of the freezing pond, he went into the bushes to change and walked right into a bunch of stinging needles. Yes, I bought him beer at lunch but just felt he deserved another public "Thank you!"

              Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!


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                Originally posted by Jet View Post
                Yeah. I threw my Lightening #2 Driver I won as a ctp prize on that hole. It was free. Unfortunately I did not loose it in the pond.
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