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  • Lake Isabella - Shelton, WA - LOST & FOUND

    Hi there.

    here is my list of lost discs at Lake Isabella State park in Shelton, WA.

    please email justin dot holzgrove at gmail dot com if any are found.

    GREEN Champion TeeBird-L on Hole #8
    so, on friday afternoon [october 2], i was playing a round with my little boys. i drove off the alt teepad for hole 8. a great shot, it hyzered past the hole, across the path, and just into the trees. i watched it land.
    we were the only ones at the park, so we sat on the bench there and talked and played for about 5 minutes. shortly afterwards i saw/heard some rustling up in the trees to my left [towards the road] and saw two people creeping away. thinking it was odd, i gathered my kids up and went to get my disc, finish the round and go home.

    when i got to where my disc was- IT WAS GONE!

    i think those punks stole my disc!

    i didn't get a good look at them, but it was an excellent condition [quite new] Innova Star Teebird-L in bright/florescent yellow/green.

    my name, email, and phone number are all over it in sharpie on the bottom.

    Flourescent Yellow champion TeeBird on Hole #7

    on hole 7, i was practicing my forearm shot, but my snap was too good and i threw my flourecent yellow champion teebird into the woods at the left of the fairway.
    we looked for awhile and couldn't find it.
    if anyone comes across it, please let me know. my name, number, and email are on it.

    Pink Avenger SS
    hyzered on hole #3 into the blackberries. actually owned by Ryan Smith: ryan dot r dot smith at gmail dot com
    his name and email should be on the disc.

    Blue Eagle DX. Camp Tadmor "T" stamp:
    blue eagle with "T" for tadmor stamp on it. I threw it back into the bushes over hole 2, beyond the teepad for 3. name and number on it too.
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