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    white rock-it on hole 10. halfway to pin? about 10-15 ft offshore

    and pink defender on hole 12, about 1/2way-3/4way to pin, but like 30+ ft offshore,


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      Originally posted by Will of Doom View Post
      Hole 7 about halfway to the pin, 10-20 ft out. Greel Flx Surge SS.


      Name and number are on it.
      A friend of mine also has had a couple go in on 7 this year going the forehand route. A star FL and something else I forget. Maybe another FL or a Monster. They are both just past the tree that hangs out over the water, but not as far down as the bench. They have the name Matt Anderson and a number.

      Thanks again Brian, Swampthing and whoever else, for finding and returning discs from out there.


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        Originally posted by Tennessee View Post
        Day glow yellow San Marino champion roc 50 feet in the water to the right of the fairway on the peninsula hole....................... Probably 75 feet short of the basket.
        You actually got a finger on it but it flew over your head during the rose.
        Thanks Mat
        Name and number are on it.
        Yeah, this one baffled me. I saw it land and searched that area A LOT for 2 days and never came up with it. Hopefully I find it this next weekend when I go.


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          Our group lost 6 discs today. 1 disc a clear wraith with a Horsefly dye on it, The channel between 8 and 11. maybe 10 ft offshore on the hole 8 side, maybe 40 ft short of the basket.

          A yellow dyed Orc on the same hole. left side of the penninsula, maybe 20 ft out. right where the land starts to curve.

          hole 12. Jet lost an Orange disc about 20 ft from the shore. short of the basket, exact location unknown.

          someone lost a disc on hole 6,15-20 from the shore. There is currently a big stick sticking out of the water where it went in.

          cant remember where the others were lost
          All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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            Ok, sorry guys, I didn't make it out this weekend either. We had our family camping trip. However, unless something weird happens I should definitely be going out this weekend coming up.


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              Hole #6 - 'second first run' green z buzz less than 3 feet of the bank and another green z buzz ~15-20 ft. from the basket-side bank of hole 6. Should be a name on the inside rim.


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