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  • Lost at Sat TDG 01-28-12

    175g Clear Champ Firebird Hole 11 Canal

    150 Blue Star Valk Hole 8 Canal

    My Name (Josh Dearing) and phone # Number are on the plastic
    PDGA# 49616
    Stumptown# 353
    OTDG: Young Guns - SAT


    • ever noticed how you can tell there was a recent tourney out at Trojan...
      educate your thinking


      • I believe that I lost the most disc at Trojan. Is there a prize I lost 6 disc 1 on hole 10,3 on 11. 1 on 8. 1 on 6. All have my name and number. If anyone happens to find any, I will give somesort of reward. Maybe beer or ?. Thanks


        • I heard someone say Stan lost 8!


          • Well the "Divers" are at it again....DOH!

            I got a call last night with for a ROC that was found.
            I "lost" it at the ORDGC.

            Wasnt that important to me so I told them they could keep it/sell it.

            Now if they could just find 3 or 4 that I would like to actually get back...

            Thanks for the "chilling" work...THAT takes dedication.


            • lost and found

              isnt it cool when you loose your disc out at trojan in the water and get a call from ma horning 6 months later that she has it. but still nice to get that disc back lol


              • 3 lost discs @ trojan August 12

                lost on hole 6 in water; pink champ roadrunner, baby blue star mellow mood stamp vulcan. hole 11, white tiedie talon. Jason Getz 320 217 4513 thanks. love takin a 9 on a hole during a tourny...epic course though. what movie was it the guy kept golfin into the water, but knew he had the shot in him? yeah, I had that feeling...


                • found at the tourney



                  • ORDGC casualties….

                    1) Turquoise KC Pro Cheetah (11x) left out on the warm up field. Someone picked it up--$20 reward for return, no questions asked.

                    2) Light purplish Z Nuke 4' off the shoreline of hole 10, about half way to pin.

                    3) Light blue (1st run) Z Nuke 15' short of hole 12's shoreline, 10' left of pin line.

                    4) Dark blue star TL 6' off the left "shoreline" of hole 13, 60' back of pin high.

                    5) Dark blue champ kitana in the middle of the lake on the way to hole 17 peninsula (impossible to reach/find, just mentioned here in memorial).

                    All five discs have the initials "JM" on them, but no name or phone number because I just prefer the way unmarked-up discs look (and because I'm an idiot). Free discs offered for the return of 2-5. Happy hunting!


                    • Lost Today at Trojan

                      1) Yellow Opto Striker (Rose City Open Stamp)
                      2) Yellow Star Valk (Subaru Drawing)
                      3) White/Green Star Leopard
                      4) Green Champ Groove
                      PDGA# 49616
                      Stumptown# 353
                      OTDG: Young Guns - SAT


                      • A moment of silence for the lost souls at Trojan:

                        2 red 156 Champion Sidewinders
                        bright green brand new 150 Mamba
                        pale blue/lavender 157 Vulcan

                        Their friends and family love and miss them very much.


                        • I "lost" a blue, first run star teerex while warming up on Sunday on ORDGC hole #3. After I scrambled to pick up the other 4 or so discs I had thrown that one was nowhere to be found though it was seen in the middle of the parking lot to the right of the island.

                          It had the name Kye Doerr and his number on it. Possibly it also said Bart on it? I was the 3rd owner.

                          Perhaps someone picked it up planning on turning it in and forgot and still has it? Or called Kye? That would be a nice one to get back.


                          • ordgc casualties

                            1) Hole 1, Red Star Teebird. in the water short of the fairway, 10 ft from the shoreline. Has a ninja skeleton on the back. name and number on rim

                            2) Hole 2, Orange Champ Barry Schultz Leopard. Right of the pin 15 feet out in the water. No name or number

                            3)Hole 12, Tie dye Z Predator, kicked off a tree about halfway down the fairway into the water 15ft from shore. name and number on rim.

                            4)Hole 14, Orange Star Valkyrie. 2011 Calapooia Classic stamp. no real hope for this one. went way right of the peninsula in the middle of the water. name and number on rim.

                            5)Hole 17, Yellow Champ Orc. has bart simpson on the back. in the water 10 ft. to the left of the walking path that leads to the landing zone for your second shot. name and number on rim.

                            6)Blue Star Valkyrie, name and number on rim. I don't remember what hole it was lost on. At that point my brain was spinning. Awesome weekend


                            • I lost my favorite light yellow 150 g valkyrie with my name in water at hole 6. If you found, please call me 541 217 1685. hopeeeeee..... thank you


                              • Might as well make a list. Will reward for a couple of them with a different disc if i get them mailed back.

                                All holes by ORDGC layout.

                                1. White Star Teebird

                                2. Right water, should be far in. 11x KC PRO ROC (Purple Stamp)
                                2. CE TL- Left water about basket high

                                8. Discraft Impact Yellow Right along fence line, never found

                                16. Orange Star Teebird, flew over 15 basket, great throw
                                16. First Run Force. Orange

                                Reward of $5 paypal for any disc, but for the FR FORCE or CE TL i will send a new disc of your choice, whatever i have at home.



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