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    i couldnt believe i lost a disc at greenway, and then i lost another.

    1. Star Wraith 172 - faded light purple - lost on hole 5 into some kind of black hole on the left it went behind the (apple?) tree in the middle fairway going left and then disappeared.

    2. Star Beast (168 i think) - White - lost on hole 3 on my way to go look for my wraith a 2nd time. went into the thorns to the left. i saw where it landed but........who knows. this disc actually has my friends number on it, so if u find it, it says "return for mad props" really big on the bottom.

    both discs were used so they both have 2 numbers. pm me for my number or post. These were my favorite 2 discs, so if u find one pleeeeaaaase call
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