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  • Cascade Gateway - Lost a few...

    All of them have my name and # on the back so I figure someone kept them but worth a try I guess...

    Yellow Star Xcaliber 172: Left it at the 18th hole about 15ft from basket

    White Star Wraith: By the water at hole 4 or 5 I believe

    White Star Valkeiry 175: Lost it at hole 16 down at the little crossing where the sticker bushes are under the trees.

    Red Star Xcaliber 172 : Hole 10 way to the left in the blackberry bushes about equal distance or further than the basket from the tee.

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    i just got a call on the Valkery about 5 minutes ago. I lost it yesterday... That's cool.


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      I'm sorry! How is it possible to lose all these discs? Was there booze involved? I forgot a CE Teebird at Bryant a few weeks ago because of I was tipsy. Bummer.


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        Hey now, you should understand, Cascades Gateway IS a water course. A flat, open, short, shallow water course, but a water course nonetheless.

        Perhaps Soob left discs behind. I just moroned a Hot Pocket in the microwave at work today, and when the guys found it, they threw it out.
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          lol. It's called not knowing how to throw... I just learned how to throw the disc right my last time out when I finally hooked up with someone I knew that had years of experience/knowledge. 1st time playing was the saturday before last too. Basicaly I was just throwing wrong which led me to tossing one into the water. The Valkyrie I got back and it turned out it took a longer walk than I thought. The yellow Xcaliber I just left on the ground, spaced it.... The red one I side armed about 350-400ft in the wrong direction. I must of threw it right that time but in the wrong direction :/

          basicaly I'm only missing the yellow Xcaliber because I know where the other 2 are...


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