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  • An ethical question about unmarked discs...

    Hey there,

    Some background: From 1998-2005, I chucked my fair share of discs. Mostly played around Portland, and never very seriously. I like a nice walk, a few cold ones, mellow people, and if I get to toss a few discs, then even better!

    Anyway, aside from disc golf, I enjoy flyfishing. And one winter day in 2006, I decided to give the Clackamas River a try. After a few hours along Milo Mcgyver (where I was getting skunked and soaked), I gave up on the river and thought I'd call it a day. On a whim, and since I was still in my waders, I checked whatever hole it is with the long drive and the river next to it... I'd never golfed there, but I'd always meant to.

    Needless to say, I went for a wade, and pulled out a dozen discs, or more. Three had contact info on them. The rest were utterly clean... Not a mark on them. Anyway, night was falling and I went home, stashed my bag in the attic, and tended to my newborn son. As is often the case with kids, weekends began to fill with family obligations, a daughter came along, and my recreation began to reflect my young family.

    Flash forward to 2013: Yesterday, I took my seven year-old boy out golfing for father's day--the first time I've golfed in 7 years--and when I went through my bag, I remembered that day, and realized I had a few discs to return. I also realized how much fun I've been missing.

    So, in the spirit of teaching responsiblity and decency to my kids, I called the numbers on the discs. And I just got off the phone with a guy in Bremerton, who was super-stoked to hear from me, and I'll be returning his disc this week. Hoping the other two numbers are still valid.

    As for the other unmarked discs? They're in my arsenal now. I figure I'll use them as hail-mary discs. If--more like when--I lose them, I will pass them on to the next person who finds them. They will be marked as such...

    My question: Cool?

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    Way Cool!
    It's never too late to do the right thing...
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      Fun story. I'd get a huge kick out of it if someone called me on a lost disc after 7 years!

      The unmarked ones: keep them and enjoy!


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        If I don't mark it, I don't deserve to get it back. Coincidentally you'll be hard pressed to find an unmarked discs from me.

        About a year ago I lost my favorite Bolt with a fantastic roller on #2 East layout over the edge and into the river. It was late winter or early spring, and the water was so clear and blue I could see everything including my disc just out of reach. I went into the bathroom, stripped down to just my rain pants, t-shirt, and boots. Walked out to the waters edge along the bank and attempted to traverse holding onto roots and staying on the muddy bank. I failed and slid neck high into the frigid river. But I got back that disc, and drove home with the heater on high, and Steve Sines laughing at me the whole time. Why do we go through so much work for a $15 piece of plastic? I don't know, but it is a funny memory. Next time I'll ask to borrow some waders..
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          I agree. All mine are marked, and I'll go out of my way to get them back, or return someone elses... That honesty is one the aspects of this pastime I find most enjoyable.


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