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  • Stolen disc of fairway on 9 at downriver

    Hey guys,
    I threw my blue Star Archon and was standing right by it getting ready for my approach and my buddy took a disc in the river, ran to grab his disc and couldn't find it, came back to my drive and it was gone. I just got the disc the day before from my brother. It was a Montana State disc that my brother gave to me the day before it was stolen. I cleaned the montana stamp off since I wasn't the one who played in Montana and wrote "710 society" "BHO" and "Errl yo face!" on the top. Had my number and everything. I know who took it, a tall blonde guy wearing a red and white hatchetman sweatshirt. It was my only driver and I just lost my Groove the day before so my brother gave me his Montana disc and someone stole it. I just want my disc back, no questions asked. I'll give a reward for its return. I also lost a yellow juju gumputt and a blue champion groove in the river right by the pin on 9. Rewards for my discs returned! I cleaned the stamp off the groove too and wrote 710 society and other stuff like on my Archon, and the juju had a oil dome drawn on the bottom and said "domeshot" and said 710 society on the top. The groove doesn't have my number cuz I threw it so much it rubbed off. If anyone finds my discs or has a Groove or gumputt to trade contact me at (509)993-5041
    REWARDS FOR MY DISCS RETURNED. The Archon was pretty sentimental and I got to use it for 1 day before it was stolen. No questions asked.

    Thanks guys, happy throwing

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    Sorry to hear about the multiple lost discs man, I hate hearing about stuff like this and it drives me nuts that someone would pick up a disc during a round and not immediately look for its owner in the vacinity. Had something like that happen recently out at Sekani where the guy I was playing with hyzered out a ton coming down off of 17 and went all the way over to 15's fairway down in the valley. A group down there found it and picked it up but didn't tell us right away until they realized we were lookin for the disc - the guy had just put it in his bag and I'm not sure if he asked around to neighboring groups or not, just carried on. In the meantime, I figured we were going to be looking for a good while and I went down and marked my drive because I had a great one, then went over and helped him look. I eyeballed my marker just in case someone picked up my mini but I'd rather have someone swipe my mini then my disc. If I have to leave sight of my disc in the fairway I will always mark it first.

    I hope you get your disc(s) back and it just turns out to be a misunderstanding.


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      Snakes on the course

      Once had a group of younger players crossing the fairway in between our drives off the teepad, and one of the fellas actually reached down and grabbed my buddies CE Valk he had just thrown 30 seconds prior. My buddy missed seeing this, and when I told him "dude right there has your Valk" he just laughed it off like I was messing with him. When I called dude out he tried to play dumb a couple seconds longer than comfortable, and finally was like " Wha, huh? who me? oh THIS? heheh..." and started to walk over to hand it to us. I was like "Whoah, go put it back on the green... where it was." LOL. Gotta keep a third eye on that plastic sometimes... Sorry to hear about your losses Jordan...

      -Hey guys! Here's your chance to offload those Grooves!


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        "Sorry to hear about your losses Jordan"

        -oops. I mean Josiah... hope you find speedy replacements!


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          Yes any local guys wanna get rid of your grooves? I've yet to find a better controlled S turn disc. i loooooove the groove, but im learning to use more straight flying drivers. I've never thrown anything as far and straight as that archon


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