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  • PROPS to Eastern WA and Western ID Courses and players!

    Regardless of your local affiliation over here in Eastern WA / Western ID -- We friggin RocK!!!!

    I traveled to the coast last week and wanted to get out and stretch my legs on some foreign fairway.

    Visited 2 parks on the coast (out of several listed and bragged upon) and found that the courses -- as well as the players were sub-par. 1 descent cat out of Less than a dozen met on those 2 courses, was "pleasant" enough to assist in the navigation of 1 specific course that had more tee-pads from Hole 1 to Hole 6 than ALL of the pins I missed in the Back to the City (I was +14 for AT LEAST 2 rds of 3)

    The other course on the drive back yesterday was gorgeous, well maintained and clean - NO trash, NO bottles / cans, and unfortunately -- NO players. Props to the crew / city that takes care of Blue Heron!

    In comparison -- my FIRST ever visit to High-Bridge was met by 6, 7, F^&( maybe even a dozen groups of 2-4 all asking me if I needed any help with the course layout -- regardless of anyones navigational skills or lack there of on a course -- High Bridge is RELATIVELY easy to find your way -- or if nothing else just don't move off of the green and the group that is slowly creeping on you from behind will gladly assist OR even invite you to roll through the course with you to get more familiar.

    DOWNRIVER was the same way -- CORBIN is the same WAY, Corbin and Cherry hill ALSO.

    Knuckles to ya'all Eastern WA and Western ID throwers!


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    Thx for the props and sorry you had a bad experience on coast. Sounds like you were @ Ft Stillacom, which was one of the best in NW back in the day but I have heard has become hazardous. I have played almost all the other 18 hole courses on the Seattle side of the Sound and have had good luck playing and with the people I have run into.
    Would recommend Terrace Creek, SeaTac, Lakewood or White River if over here again.
    Gotta agree that have really enjoyed the courses in Spokane and CdA area and have rarely run into people I wouldn't play with again.


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      Well we do tend to make sure people are having at least a good time.
      "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
      Cleveland Brown


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