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  • 2012 SDGA Election Nominations

    2012 Nomination Procedure

    • Nominations will be accepted for the 2012 SDGA Board positions of President, Secretary and Facilities Coordinator starting on December 1, 2011.
    • You must be a current 2011 or 2012 member to nominate a candidate.
    • Nominations must be posted to the Northwest Disc Golf News Forums > Disc Golf Topics > Local Clubs > Spokane Disc Golf Association > 2012 SDGA Election Nominations thread (this thread) to be valid, unless you make your nominations when you attend the Nomination Meeting hosted by the SDGA at The Field House (4423 W. Wellesley) on Dec. 15, 2012 @ 7:00 pm. The Nomination Meeting will end at 8:00 pm.
    • Nominations for these positions must be made before 11:00 pm on December 31, 2011 to be valid.
    • Candidates that have nominated themselves have accepted their nominations.
    • Candidates that have been nominated by another member must accept their nomination by posting to the same thread, their acceptance of the nomination before midnight on December 31, 2011 for their nomination to be valid.
    • The SDGA will host a Candidates Forum on January 10, 2012 at The Field House (4423 W. Wellesley Ave.). The forum will start at 7:00 pm and each candidate will have ten minutes to speak. Questions for the candidates will be taken after all candidates have spoken.
    • The Election will be held on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at The Field House (4423 W. Wellesley Ave.) and will start promptly at 7:30 pm. There will be no campaigning at the election meeting. The Election Official will introduce the candidates prior to voting.

    Let the Nominations Begin
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    Come to the meeting early

    I have no problem with accepting a candidates "written platform" and emailing it to everyone using the club email tool.

    In addition to that option a candidate may post their platform right here on the forums or print a copy of his platform and post it at the kiosks at any of our courses.

    As for election night a candidate could come to the election meeting early and mingle with the disc golfers that are there to sign up before the election.

    There are 44 days left before the election and candidates would be prudent to throw their hats into the ring as soon as possible and use that time to campaign.
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      Nomination for Steward

      I am nominating Tim Nevins for the Board position of President.

      I know that Tim has the experience to lead, a passion for disc golf and the integrity that I look for in a leader.
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        Originally posted by LJ Jubner
        I have a couple of thoughts.

        Candidate Forum
        Now that the email is working (thanks Bob) maybe a deadline for the candidates platform submission that then can be emailed out to the club members would solve all the problems. Info in a timely manner and the actual voting process will be more streamlined for the Jan meeting.
        This is a very good idea Jub. Thanks for the suggestion!! An excellent way to use our email sytem. If there is a way to make sure that all voters had these platforms it would be a really effective tool towards educating voters. These could even be printed out so that people that sign up to vote the day of could be handed a copy of these over to help them make a decision. That's all I'm asking for. That voters know what's important to each candidate and that it be a vote on who has the best ideas and skills and the drive to complete them, than on who has the most friends.
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          Facilities Coordinator

          I nominate Jeremy Thornton for Facilities Coordinator.
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            I'd like to nominate Jeff Crum to run for President.
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              Hi all my fellow golfers.
              I'm nominating myself for SDGA Secretary. I have a lot of experience typing, taking notes, and have transcription capabilities. I have many years of secretary/office experience. Please consider voting for me.

              Nancy Morgan
              Originally posted here.


              Nancy Morgan has nominated herself and accepted the nomination for the position of Secretary.
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                i nominate JJ Atkins for the position of Course Facilitator


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                  I'm nominating Sean Johnson to run for Secretary.
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                    Originally posted by Parks View Post
                    I'm nominating Sean Johnson to run for Secretary.
                    I accept.


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                      Lyle Parks has nominated Sean Johnson for the position of secretary and Sean Johnson has accepted that nomination.
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                        Steward/ President

                        I nominate Sean Johnson for the position of Steward/President.

                        Sean, please step up and accept this nomination.


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                          I nominate Jeremy Thornton for the position of Steward/President. I think he's willing to put in the work needed to possibly double the amount of disc golf we have in the city. That is what our scene needs!
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                            Originally posted by Hawian Ryan View Post
                            I nominate Jeremy Thornton for the position of Steward/President. I think he's willing to put in the work needed to possibly double the amount of disc golf we have in the city. That is what our scene needs!
                            I accept the Nomination for SDGA President. I am very focused on promoting the growth and the development of disc golf in this area. I can clearly envision two brand new courses at Camp Sekani and that vision is completely entrenched in what I have found the overwhelming amount of disc golfers to want for our city. While I realize that this isn't the main job of the SDGA president, I do acknowledge that leadership must be provided to ensure the focus of the clubs efforts.

                            I have been communicating with the president of the Fat Tire mountain bike club's president. We talk and text about a number of issues that we are working on. I have a very clear picture on what needs to be done in order to have a positive and fun place for bikers, disc golfers and walkers at Camp Sekani. This picture's details have the proper flow of one of our new courses, but the details of teepad and pin placements is still up in the air. I am interested in having a design contest from club members or groups of club members. It is important to have different eyes looking at a piece of land and to have people involved in what will get play for decades. The more we include others in the design, the more that will be interested in actually doing the work. The more golfers take some real pride into what they have built, the better! I would like to have each hole assigned to 2 or 3 golfers and to enable them to do what they see fit to make their hole as unique and as memorable as possible. The details are what make a course and a hole memorable. Our club members can fill those in, so that they radiate to everybody that plays our courses!!

                            I also wish to help address the short comings of the SDGA Charter. As a board member I will within a very small group, have limitless decision making ability's. I would like to see the club involved more and have the limits in place on club members be addressed:
                            1. I think that club members should elect their own representatives, the SDGA board can replace them, until the next official election.
                            2. If the club votes to accomplish something or makes a decision on an issue that issue should stick. I do not think that the board should be able to run over the club and do as it chooses. There are certain cases where the club has met and made a decision and the information that led to this decision changes. If the board decides that the decision is no longer the best for our club it would need 4 or 5 out of 6 board member votes (similar to the 2/3 majority vote needed to change the charter).
                            Club decisions should carry some weight, especially since they only are mandated to meet 4 times a year by the charter.

                            Another issue I wish to address as SDGA president is the lets take 6 months off mentality, that has been a part of our board's culture for the last 3 or 4 years. I am a very busy disc golfer. I own a landscaping business and I tour rather extensively. These two activity's take a lot of my time during the late spring and summer months but I still do not see the need to neglect our goals of growing disc golf in our area. Using emails and the telephone and at least a bi monthly meeting schedule, we can easily accomplish 200% more than what has been done during these months. A big part of this is empowering our club members again. We have great club members that need to be reached out to, set up, and counted on to help make us better. We have the resources to continue growth, we just need access them!

                            I have been talking with a group of valley Eagle Scouts. They are on board with doing the work to fundraise and install the teepads and the erosion control that needs to happen at Sekani. That allows us to save money and to spend our money on baskets!

                            I will do my best to lead our community towards the growth that we have been working towards. By leading new fundraising efforts and helping to access all of our community's resources, we can grow disc golf to make it a major part of our region's identity!
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                              Originally posted by Wobbly Bob View Post
                              I am nominating Tim Nevins for the Board position of President.

                              I know that Tim has the experience to lead, a passion for disc golf and the integrity that I look for in a leader.
                              I have decided to accept the nomination for SDGA President. The job is not an easy task and my first thoughts about doing the deed stopped me from immediately accepting the nomination. After much reflection, I feel confident I could serve.

                              What you need to know about me. I am crazy about disc golf and the disc golf community. The etiquette of the game and the sense of fair play it creates is the magical stuff that allows a wildly disparate group of folks to come together, play, compete and celebrate their wins and losses in a way that is rare to find anywhere else these days. I love watching your game - maybe more than I enjoy throwing my own plastic. If it wasn’t for disc golf, my world would be much smaller.

                              There is chatter out there that I may be some sort of “Board Nazi” out to create some iron fisted rule of law that disallows the membership from participating in club business. The truth is, I believe in a structured, transparent, and responsible board system of representation that is ultimately accountable to the membership. That means everyone counts…….if you don’t think you count, or can’t muster up the conviction to offer up constructive input – you might want to find some other sport or cause to champion. If you want to blame the 10 percent of members that do 90 percent of the work, please do not vote for me – I am not interested in your support and will only disappoint you. Be honest about who you are, temper your voice, be willing to “pay forward” and step up when you are asked to contribute. Don’t assume that just because you pay your “20” that you have nothing to offer. Don’t sit back and expect to take a “mulligan” - realize I will be calling you out to take the next step!

                              I think there are a lot of frustrated past and present members out there that will not support the Club in any fashion. Some of their grievances are reasonable and need to be addressed. Some are plain nonsense, rooted in old-bad history, disillusionment, and resentment. Let’s end the rancor, divisive talk and disrespect that has crept into our community. Let’s get beyond it…we have work to do!

                              I believe we would benefit from a series of “Board Orientation/Workshops” (members highly encouraged to participate) to establish expectations for civil discourse, responsibilities of governance and understandable rules of order necessary for any Board to be successful. I have seen enough instances of frustrated Board members with good intentions enter into secret agreements, circumvent established roles and step out of the light of reason and objectivity. I know none of these folk to be bad people – in fact; we have had some truly visionary leaders who sadly, “walked off a course that was not well laid out.” The current Charter is a part of the problem and needs to be addressed, but I am starting to see that there is no way for our Charter to be “amended” into a state of health given the way we are conducting ourselves at the present time. I do not envision any Charter improvements that will end well until we recoup a sense of civility and order back into our interactions.

                              Disc Golf is growing and so is the business of disc golf. We all have a responsibility to behave in a manner that reflects positively on our sport and the good will it is intended to promote. The public is watching and our public courses exist through public tolerance and ongoing acceptance. Time to grow.

                              What you can expect from me. According to our current Charter, the President acts as advisor and coordinator of the efforts of the board. What that means to me is that I would assure that any Board agenda represents the business of the membership accurately and completely. That means that if a Member has an issue or question of the Board it gets addressed. I would be responsible to conduct Membership/Board meetings, forums or discussion in a fashion that protects the integrity of the Charter, previous passed motions and/or established business of the Association. I see the job as keeping every matter of Membership business on track and understandable. You can expect transparency and accountability. You can expect me to challenge any disrespect or circumvention of established Board authority. You can also expect I will not enter into agreements conduct (or withhold) any business outside of Board knowledge and approval, nor will I ever condone this behavior from another Board Member or appointee. You can expect me to share with others everything I learn in the course of my term – even if it makes me look stupid. I will pass on ANY lessons I have learned to the next Board elect so that we foster a continuing tradition of leadership and selfless service.

                              I get an occasional good idea and there are other things I could fill in if you have a mind to ask. Take care and remember to vote. I can’t tell you how much it means to folks running for these offices to see a great turn out. When you all step up and cast a ballot it feels fairer to the loser and gives the winner some assurance that they just didn’t do the dumbest thing in the world…! See you on the course. I aim to get as much time out there as I can!


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