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    Gravel OK

    The grant as written includes a big truckload of gravel for which $3oo is allocated. If Park OPS will give us a truckload it will definitely save us some money. G.


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      Lets all agree
      Just because Justin *ONLY wrote it does not mean he has quit on it. He just knows what strengths he brings to the table and one thing is for sure we have plenty of other labor to motivate. They just need a cause

      Any wood materials projects are short term solutions.

      That this is an instance that can be used in DG behalf. By changing materials for good reasons why shouldn't we press for a more permanent solution. Calling it "the next step's" in committing to permanently keep DG in Spokane parks.

      Ask your agent how best to approach this (Like can they protect the funds pending resubmission). before you go to the parks.

      Was the grant for materials only (free labor). would donated materials sweeten the deal?

      A good idea for the club to show some financial philanthropy
      Ask if the materials can be switched verbally? by addendum? or resubmission?
      If not because of grant paperwork (now this will sound weird but)

      ask what happens to the grant money if it goes unused?
      ask how to return grant money?

      Both these would be followed up with the stipulation that it will be resubmitted and show the change in materials was why the grant execution has been delayed or exceeded time limit

      here is a dumb question; If they had actually read the proposal would the people approving the grants know the RR ties were going to fail?

      possible solution when submitting proposals in the future word the materials part like "best application" or "environmentally sound" would be the key words to include if not both.

      * If ANYONE ELSE posses these types of skills please don't keep them a secret


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        Thankfully, the Grant was submitted with a very ambiguous materials list.

        The main costs associated with the project were the REBAR and the RR ties. Both of these materials were tentatively submitted with the knowledge that Bressler would have final say based upon cost, environmental concerns, and specific application.

        As a result, the grant will not need to be re-submitted.
        The final project plans will need to be approved by Bressler before anything is started though.
        These final plans should include: a design, materials, volunteer hours associated, donated materials, positive community impact, etc.

        We were given a ONE YEAR completion period from when our grant was approved. Any funds that are not used within that year they are forfeit. Thankfully, the Parks Foundation has given us an avenue to ask for a possible extension.
        When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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          here is a dumb question; If they had actually read the proposal would the people approving the grants know the RR ties were going to fail?
          its not a qusetion of the RR ties FAILING its that they are not good for the ground or the water underground. RRties are soaked in oil and even the RR companys are removing them because EPA has told them to replace them .

          Any wood materials projects are short term solutions.
          jub .. you really need to come down and look and some wood materialsthat have lasted a while besides having a wood product also helps the ground its buried in .


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