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    Originally posted by Wobbly Bob View Post
    Thanks Jeff for all the hard work and thousands of dollars you have raised.

    My post about the Friday night Flights was just reporting that Joe turned in some cash from those weeklies.
    Bob, my heart is warmed!
    Rely on Me


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      Sky Pilot:

      Thanks for fighting the good fight, doing the right thing and turning in your collected league monies to the SDGA. Hopefully this will an example for others in the future (and those currently choosing not to do so ).
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        Originally posted by psychodwarf View Post
        why do you care ? You are just going insult me some more.
        I haven't insulted you. SO I do not know how I could do it more.. Our main dispute was when I asked you in the most polite way that I could, to make sure and grab the glow sticks off the baskets when your group was done using them..
        I was wondering because I heard a lot of different rumors but I wasn't going to go on here and post about them. I thought I'd give you the chance to say what happened before somebody else gives their version of...

        I am glad that you turned in the club money, takes you of the low life list... I tracked down Cody Miller. He said he will be at the meeting tonight and that he has a small chunk that belongs to the SDGA. He said that he had talked to Bob a couple of times and has assured him that he has it whenever they needed it.. That's one more club member that is coming through! I think whoever was freaked out about people not paying can relax a little.
        Relax and enjoy your hair


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          Glow rounds listed.

          Originally posted by psychodwarf View Post
          due to the obscenely LOW turnouts for the glo nites i will be ending the weekly glo nites and going to a random pattern.. still have an ace pot worth $180.00 to those of you who have put in the ace pot IT will continue to grow till some one wins it .. thanks to ALL who have come out to play. so AUG 5th will be the last of the every friday glo nites ..
          Hey Joe, I see they still have your glow round listed on this calendar. You might contact the moderator and let him know you're not running them.


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