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    P.S. I wasn't able to print out the Weekly Form that Bob sent me. It printed out blank??
    are you sure it has ink ??


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      We had a great turn-out today!
      16 players showed for doubles in absolutely HORRIBLE conditions.
      The course was an ice rink and we had a blast.

      There is no weekly event scheduled at HB tomorrow!
      Gordy and Bob are having the Handicapped round at Four Mound.
      Come join in on the fun. If you need a ride, gimme a ring a ding ding.
      When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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        The last little hill on Burnett Rd (the county gravel road) just before you turn left into the 4-mound gate is all clear but iced over. Be careful! The private drive in has two nice tire tracks to follow with very little build-up otherwise. The spur road out to the Handi fire pit is firm and clear; not frozen solid, not sloppy........Full rack of Sierra Nevada Torpedo on hand. Gordy


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          All in all, I am exhausted. Long day of disc golf and a heck of a lot of fun.
          If I remember correctly, Darrin threw down in Pro (-6?) with Stimpi a close second while Kevin cleaned up in Am Handicap.

          Stimpi lead a few of us through a second round of Wolf.
          Aaron got a point or two, the experienced guys each had three, and Tim V. and I each had four.
          We picked a close basket for a quick playoff and Tim almost Aced it. His drop in two took the cash.
          When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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            HDCP Results

            We had eight people come out and play at 4 Mound on Sunday. 4 Pros and 4 Ams. The weather was great and it wasn't very muddy at all.

            In the Pro division Darrin Case took 1st place for $18 and Cole Swanson took 2nd for $10.

            In the Am division Kevin Sakus took 1st place to win $18 and Justin Shrack got $10 for 2nd place.

            Cole Swanson threw an Ace on hole #5 to win the $50 Ace Pot.
            Fly free and straight to the pin!


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              Great golf at 4 Mound

              It was a fine day at 4 Mound, for the Handicap Round.
              Cole hit an ace, for $50.
              It would appear that there was a CLUB Acepot at High Bridge at the same time.
              I thought the club wasn't going to overlap the events?
              I thought the club was going to announce the events before they happen?
              4 Mound was fun, but with a $50 acepot there, and a $200 acepot in town, I think I would have picked the High Bridge event, had I known about it.

              Another question arose. If there is a "club" acepot, and the 4 Mound events are "club" events (which they are, as a buck goes to the club from each entry) then why isn't the "club" acepot part of the 4 Mound series as well?

              After Saturday's acepot at Downriver, most of us wanted to play more, and Stimpi Ridge was canceled, due to muddy conditions, so we agreed on another round at High Bridge.
              When we got there, it seemed natural to feel like it was another "club sponsored" round, but I thought better of using the acepot on a "unannounced, impromptu" round which would exclude many players from attending.
              It seems like the High Bridge event on Sunday was just such an event.
              Unannounced and contrary to the club schedule.

              So... which events should the acepot be available to? Which courses? Who's deciding when to include the acepot and when not to?


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                I have the same questions. Not just beacause I hit the ace, but because we have all been paying into the club and the ace pot for some time now, and I would also like to know when/where the largest pot will apply.
                PDGA #42116


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                  wait a sec... there was an event at Highbridge specifically after the club discussed NOT having them on 4 mound days?
                  Who authorized a club event at Highbridge? Where is the announcement? Who the EFF ran this phantom event? Did someone hit the ACE?

                  Stimpi, you exercised good judgement and experience when you spoke up and said that having the ace pot apply to our 'follow up' round would not be a legitimate use of club funds... unless EVERYBODY in the club was notified and invited.

                  I am sorry to hear this sort of club minded logic is not considered by some others who actually have club power.
                  When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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                    Ace Pot Riddle

                    The last report on the Ace Pot that was given to the Club was at the Dec. 14th meeting. With that report Lyle turned in his funds through the end of his management of those events and held onto the Ace Pot itself....In the meantime there have been no Weekly events reported to the Club except for the Handicap hosted by Bob. No amount of the Ace Pot was made available to Bob so he did not commit any of the Ace Pot to his event. Bob and Kevin put up their own $40 to get the Handi-Ace Pot started and by Jan. 6th (post #17 on this thread) Bob stated the Handi-Ace pot was paying $50 (which he paid yesterday) Now his Ace Pot is back to $15......If Lyle has made any part of the Ace Pot in his custody available to people assisting with events in town it would be fitting for him to report that back to the Club. If there are events up and running in town it would be fitting for the TDs to report back to the Club as well....If all of the folks who have an interest in seeing the SDGA Weekly series of events get back on an even keel would like to meet to get it ironed out, I'm sure that Bob, Steve, Justin, Cody and Lyle wouldn't mind helping however they can......I'm sure Bob wouldn't mind having some support from the Club Ace Pot while he conducts his event in support of the Club........Or to put all this lengthy explaining in a nutshell, 'Hey Lyle, What's up with the Ace Pot?" Gordy


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                      Originally posted by Gordy #21004 View Post
                      "Hey Lyle, What's up with the Ace Pot?"
                      When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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                        Lyle asked me to post this:

                        "I promised the $315 ace pot from my weeklies to Tony C for his winter weeklies since that was the supposed continuation of the events that I was running.

                        Since you are (maybe?) running those events now then I would be happy to hand it over to you and/or Stimpi for your stuff at HB/DR."

                        First we should decide if all SDGA events are included in this Ace Pot.
                        I personally think the Four Mound events have more 'ACEable' holes but it could definitely increase turnout.
                        We have a lot of options including the dreaded cap per event... Any ideas?
                        When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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                          btw, thank you for the message Lyle!
                          When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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                            Leg Up

                            Thanks Lyle for posting this information. If we could tell you that there will be two events per week through the winter season, with one at 4-mound every other week in lieu of one in town and designate the TD for each, would you be willing to offer a suggestion on how we could either divide the money between the TDs or have a system for transferring the money from TD to TD? .....The Open Board meeting to discuss the grant is coming right up, so let's include this among the matters we cover then with the intention of getting this tied up. Justin will be at the meeting anyway so who else involved in this can make it? If you can or can't make it please let us know here. If you have constructive input in the meantime please post it here. All in favor? Gordy


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                              Who ran the SDGA Weekly event at High Bridge on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011??

                              How many people played in this event?

                              I did not see a post on this thread saying that there would be an event on that day.

                              On the 22nd of January, Justin posted that there would be no event at High Bridge.

                              If someone wants to run an SDGA Weekly Event there are certain requirements that have to be met prior to the running of such an event.

                              The SDGA welcomes those players that would like to run a weekly event. But it has to be exactly that, A WEEKLY EVENT. You can't just decide that you don't want to play the weekly event being held at 4 Mound and decide to have one at High Bridge with a few friends.

                              The only people that have been recognized by the SDGA to run weeklies are;

                              • Tony Costanzo
                              • Justin Shrack
                              • Stimpi
                              • Bob Perrewe
                              • Gordy Crafts

                              If you wish to run weeklies please contact any of the SDGA Board members so that the club knows about it and so we can get you the proper paperwork for running weeklies.
                              Fly free and straight to the pin!


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                                Can we please add Cody Miller to that list?
                                He has offered to be a back-up TD for any weekly.
                                When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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