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    The Project Grant was submitted today.
    I really think we have a good chance of receiving part, if not all, of the grant money we asked for.
    You must have gotten a hold of the information/records you were requesting and needed to complete the grant proposal. Your hard work on this should not go unnoticed. This goes to show, once again, how dedicated you are in regards to the progress of the club. Very cool.
    Justin, thank you. And thank you again x2 for each time you revised/rewrote the grant proposal.


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      I must 2nd that Good Work Justin

      and thank you


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        Gotta say thanks to everyone that helped.
        Jeff, Jon, Gordy, Toni N., Taylor B., and anyone else I forgot to mention!
        I could not have done this project alone.
        Here's hoping for the best!

        Gordy, I also put together a quick and easy club balance worksheet in excell.
        I will email out to you when I get home.
        When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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