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  • Ideas and input !?!

    If we had the money to spend on the courses, how would you make them better?

    I know a lot of people think immediately of teepads, signs, baskets...
    Think broader.

    Is there an ankle breaker path you would want to improve? How about a grove of trees that would improve the aesthetics or safety of the course? A lost and found bin? Or maybe just a couple picnic benches to relax at before/after a round?

    Use your noggin and help us come up with specific ideas for Downriver and Highbridge. Good ideas may be developed into something more concrete but some input would be enlightening... Please?
    When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.

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    A decent trail to climb hole #9, High Bridge. Stairs maybe. Also, up from hole #7. Down from #18 could use a decent trail/stairs as well.
    A practice basket or two, with a gathering area nearby is nice on any course. Tables/benches.


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      Running water
      PDGA #42116


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        Improving the 'unofficial' elevated teepads on #12 at Highbridge would be nice... safer trails and actual teeboxes, maybe even signs with distances.

        Restrooms at Downriver, or at least a clean, well-maintained honeybucket.
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          Accurate distances are on the way!

          Speaking of signs with distances...

          Todd Zyph of Zyph Martin Design has sent me the new Tee Signs for High Bridge. they look awesome! The next step is that we're going to use his Range Finder to get highly accurate distances for the holes and then that will be incorporated into the signs.
          I've also been selling sponsorships for the holes at Downriver and High Bridge. So far, this has brought in over $1000.00. In addition, the Latah Community has just donated $500.00 toward the building of two information Kiosks that will (if my plan works out) be built and installed on October 2nd
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            Please have him mark the sighted line on those signs...???

            I find that many signs are distanced along the flight path while many others show a flight path on the sign but the distance is Line of Sight.

            Also, many of the good tee signs have distances marked OTHER than the pin.
            This allows for L.O.S. pin distance while being able to figure your flight path distance.


            Gimme a call, I'll be happy to haul a 'solid' object around the course to mark on.
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            When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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              Perhaps you don't know, but the Tee Signs at Downriver were inaccurate as far back as 2007 and perhaps longer. When we recently re-measured the distances we found that the old marked distances were hundreds of feet in error.

              Todd Zyph and Wayne Miller used a range finder last spring. Now, about 'line of sight'. Yes, as I understand it line of sight was used on all the holes at Downriver and Todd stands behind his distances as completely accurate.

              However at High Bridge Park there isn't a straight throwing line to the either pin on hole #5. Considering the long position on hole #4 there is no direct throwing line straight to the pin. So, as I understand it, one would measure to the furthest straight path and then to the pin on those holes, as in a 'dog-leg' hole.

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                did ya look at the pdf?

                Figuring out an accurate 'as the crow flies' distance isn't tough even without having LOS. (Basic angles and beginning trig.)
                Putting in the additional distance markers allows for easy shot and route selection.

                Hell, if he has a laser distance finder we can work out elevation changes with no problem too.

                We could have our own little DG surveyor crew!
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                When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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                  I withdrew from Algebra 1...

                  Personally, think a range finder is easier than trig... I don't even know how to spell the word. : )

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                    What PDF are you referring to?

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                      this one
                      When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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                        Originally posted by Sky Pilot View Post
                        Personally, think a range finder is easier than trig... I don't even know how to spell the word. : )

                        Sky Pilot

                        ... a range finder plus trig gives you accurate straight line distances when you can't see from one point to another, thus allowing our tee signs to use a continuous format. It would be an opportune time to map the course for an official course map as well... If you let me join in I will be happy to assist with graph paper, 2 compasses (one of each kind), and a couple pencils.

                        Lewis and Clark accurately mapped across 3000 miles without a calculator or a range finder... we can do it 3000ft. without much effort.

                        Hell... I can use the concept to make my math class map our field at school; They won't get to use range-finders though.
                        When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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                          Truthfully... anybody with an decent GPS could do it easier and with more accuracy than either of our methods.

                          Hell, anymore most smart phones are accurate enough for our needs.

                          Back to the topic though!!!

                          I really think the 2nd tee idea for 12 is a good one!
                          Could we consider this on more holes to incorporate some am/pro concepts as well?
                          Stairs were mentioned in many of the places I imagined.
                          I think a garbage can every other hole would be nice.
                          Maybe we could make some plans and hire an arborist for a few places?
                          RESTROOMS... or at least a sanitary honey bucket.
                          Benches and Tables along with practice baskets are also noted.

                          Who else has a great idea for upgrading the course?
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                          When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


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                            I think that alternate teepads would be a great addition to either course. By putting in teepads on the tough holes, we can make the course better suited to a wide variety of players, while keeping some of the tough placements. 13 at HB is a great example. The new placement is probably the best hole on the course, but it really eats up a lot of the new players and I hear a hell of a lot of complaints when I ask what people think. On the flip side, the old placement is kind of a joke in my book. An alternate teepad, if we could agree on a safe placement, would keep both the noobs and the experienced players happy. There are about a half dozen holes at high bridge that I think that should get short teepads, but that doesn't mean that the other holes couldn't get alt pads for variety's sake. We could make alternates that are just as far, but are more or less challenging and would give a second look at a hole.


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                              The 2nd tee for 12 is dangerous.
                              Relax and enjoy your hair


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