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  • Report on Recent Work at Highbridge & Upcoming Work Parties

    Recent Work at Highbridge Park & Upcoming Work Parties

    Last winter I urged the Board to replace the aging and abused Tee Signs at Highbridge Park. Gordy Crafts then volunteered his labor and built 18 new sturdy signs for the course.

    In July we had a work party consisting of Joe Barnette, Jeff Crum, Gordy Crafts, another Joe and Justin Shrack. We worked hard in the heat and installed Gordy's bench and two new Tee Pads using the new Launch Pads that we acquired through David Feldberg's company. These new pads are thicker and hopefully will outlast the Fly mats that we have been using at our courses. That day we also installed two of Gordy's new Tee Signs.

    The following day Justin Shrack and I went back and re-worked and repacked hole #1's Tee Pad using a heavy water roller to compact the gravel. Many thanks to Highland Quarry on Old Trails Road for donating the load of gravel. If you need any dirt or gravel or the like, please visit that business.

    The following day I went back and pounded 4 2' lengths of rebar in front of the treated 2' x 6' at the front of #1's Tee Pad to reinforce it.

    A few days later Justin Shrack and I moved #8's bench out of the fairway to a new home just behind the Tee Pad. We also repainted all the benches at Highbridge Park.

    Many thanks to Bob Perrewe for suggesting that we use a Solid Color Oil Based Stain for this work. This type of Stain will easily cover any graffiti that shows up. If we use the same color on all the benches and Tee Signs at Highbridge we will be able to quickly do touch-ups. This will save time, look better and avoid having to repaint the whole bench. Please coordinate and clear any painting that needs to be done on our courses through the SDGA board.

    About one week later Justin Schrek and I installed 3 of Gordy's Tee Signs at holes #11, 12 & 15. We did some touch up painting on them and Justin also cleared a great deal of sand off the stairs below hole #15's Tee Pad.

    About two weeks later I created a stencil and painted 4 new yellow rectangles as Tee Boxes on the pavement to indicate the throwing area for holes 11, 12, 14. and 2.

    What's next?

    There will be a Work Party this Saturday August 21st at Downriver to install to new Tee Pads and Pins. They plan to meet at 9:30AM. Call Gordy Crafts at @ 363-1056 for more information.

    On Saturday August 28th there will be a WORK PARTY to install as many of the Tee Signs as we can complete at Highbridge Park. There are 13 left to install. We will meet at 9:00AM at the parking lot near hole #18. Lunch will be at 12:30PM in the main park area. Note: Eleven of the signs still need to be stained. If you have time to help with that work please contact me.

    I plan t to remove all 13 of the old signs prior to the work party. so that all we will have to do is place the new ones. I will salvage the 4" x 4"'s in case Gordy wants to build any more benches... . There will be a painted mark on the ground where each of the new signs will go. Since we are selling sponsorships I'm trying to place each Tee Sign as near the Tee Pad and Benches as is possible for visiblitiy without interfering with the play. I would like to have Two Crews to enable us to accomplish the installations as quickly as possible. We'll split the work in half.

    I'll be coordinating the work and leading a crew, and I have someone in mind to lead the second team. Please let me know if your interested in helping the club to improve the course.

    if you plan to work that day, please call me so that I can coordinate the materials, food and tools etc


    Jeff Crum - 475-5378

    SDGA President
    Spokane Disc Golf Association


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    Highbridge Work Party - Date Change

    Dear Potential Workers,

    My bad.
    Due to poor planning on my part concerning a schedule conflict with Archie's Charity Golf Tournament on the 28th, I'm moving the date of the Work Party to Monday August 30th
    The other details are the same, see previous post.

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      when you put my name on the webpage MAKE SURE ITS SPELLT RIGHT JOE P BARNETT and the other joe is JOE SMITHand you forgot TIM and DARIN VON ZOSTS (i think thats how you spell his name)


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        I can see from your post just how important spelling is to you....
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          Originally posted by psychodwarf View Post
          when you put my name on the webpage MAKE SURE ITS SPELLT RIGHT JOE P BARNETT and the other joe is JOE SMITH and you forgot TIM and DARIN VON ZOSTS (i think thats how you spell his name)
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            with cheese in fact...


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