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  • September 19th, 2014 SDGA Board Meeting Minutes

    Meeting brought to order
    5:44 Pm

    Members present (5/6 Quorum Met)
    Dana Simmelink
    Gordy Crafts
    Jon Verbarg
    Bob Perrewe
    Derek Cartwright

    The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and a unanimous vote was passed to accept the minutes as be accurate.

    Old Business

    (Garbage Cans)
    Discussion about the garbage cans and garbage. It was discussed that the current solution of the garbages being handled during the SDGA weekly was working currently to limit the litter and garbage issues we have been faced with. It was decided that at this time there was no need to further discuss moving cans closer to parking lots.

    (Picknic Tables)
    A new table was built and installing in the decided location at Downriver. The original table still needs reinforced and Gordy volunteered to facilitate this.

    (Basket Cables)
    The basket cables were removed from Downriver by Bob and disposed of.

    (Meeting with Parks Department)
    Bob Perrewe and Derek Cartwright met with the parks department representatives on 8/26 2014 to discuss the bench to be installed as well as where the new sign was to be installed.
    approval was given to place a bench near the tee pad of hole #8. The topic of stairs for #8 was approached as well. Approval was given for this and details for a landing towards the top were specified. The location was decided for the new sign and we were given approval to facilitate this. It was discussed to call for a locate before we dig for the sign.

    Through our discussions with them the topic of liability was brought up. They made it clear that they would like to see the SDGA become a valid business identity and acquire an MOU as well as Insurance to help facilitate such things like this in the future. They stated the MOU would set guidelines by which the SDGA would could follow when approaching course maintenance and installation of new equipment. Hence calling them down to the course to dig a new hole for a bench wouldn't be needed.

    (Basket Rotation)
    Basket rotation schedule was set to the following
    Winter (Everything Short)
    Spring (First half to long)
    Summer (Everything Long)
    Fall (Fist half to short)
    Baskets are currently in their proper locations

    (Tee Pads)
    Tee Pads 13, 17, 18 have been completed
    #8 & #11 still need to be completed

    New Business

    $108 was given to the treasurer by Bob Perrewe from Memberships and SDGA weekly fees.

    (Des Reading Disc Golf Clinic)
    Bob and Gordy informed the board of their suggestion to make a $100 donation on behalf of the SDGA to the Des Reading Disc Golf Clinic. It was voted on location at the clinic by all board members present as well as all SDGA members present at the clinic with no opposition.

    (SDGA Incorporation, Insurance & MOU)
    Bob presented Articles of Incorporation to be completed and submitted to register a legal business identity in the state of Washington. Gordy submitted estimated costs for Insurance. It was agreed unanimously that the SDGA needs to complete this process as soon as possible to continue facilitating the park. Without this in place there is too much personal liability held on the Board Members as it sits.

    (Place Course Into Moratorium)
    Gordy proposed that we put both courses into moratorium and remove the baskets until the Incorporation and Insurance can be acquired. Concerns such as personal liability were discussed and it was decided to proceed with this and approach the Parks Department with our decision.

    Bob proposed we call to have the Porta-San picked up for the season. It was decided to have this done and Bob would call to do so.

    (City Cup Sponsorship)
    Bob brought up the question of sponsorship and what to do if the parks could not be reopened by the City Cup date. The amount requested was $200. There was a stipulation set that if the event was not held that the moneys would be returned.

    (Treasurer's Quarterly Report)
    In - $5767 and change
    Out - $5615 and change

    (General Store)
    Derek discussed his conversations with the General Store and their request to have the SDGA attend their event to promote Memberships and Disc Sales. It was decided that the SDGA would not be attending.

    Meeting closed
    9:00 Pm

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