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  • SDGA member meeting: Thursday, June 19, 6:00pm at High Bridge DGC Pavilion

    There will be an Open Member Meeting on Thursday, June 19th from 6-7pm at the High Bridge DGC Pavilion. If you are a user of the public disc golf courses in Spokane, this is your chance to come and be heard. We will be seeking input from any and all who care about these courses and their future. Hope to see you there!

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    Minutes from 6/19/15 member meeting:

    Member meeting 6/19/14 opened @ 6:15
    All board member attended
    - Dana started the meeting by reading the minutes from the last member meeting in January

    - idea from Mike (member) for garbage issue at DR
    - yank cans
    - people need to collect garbage
    - move garbage cans closer
    - pack it in pack it out signs (Mike will make out of scrap wood and place)

    Derek - no cans on lower course at DR

    - We as the board voted to have Mike make signs and was approved
    - Mike agreed to make signs
    - Curtis agreed to pick garbage

    - At hole #9 talk about gold panning
    - Leslie motion
    - PR find contacts with Park n Rec to get info., find fact
    - If its Ok to Mine
    - Deadline 1 week

    - Agreed by all members and board member

    - 2 trees dead
    - Have two trees removed that are dead at hole 5 & 11
    - Channel arborist info. through SDGA to Curtis

    - approved by all but Bob

    - Tables and Grooming
    - Theft protection
    - installing couple more tables and clean up foliage so players can see while hanging out at the tables
    - talk about fake cameras
    - board members decline as its false and cant really answer people when they ask about them getting video
    - move current table and repair
    - work party for bush removal and shrubs for table placement
    - Curtis wants to be in charge of work crew
    - curtis will bring chipper in to make mulch
    - make two tables
    - materials?
    - Bob and gordy are going to check into what they have and what is needed for two tables
    - donations?
    - there was talk but never made any decisions of where we were going with it
    - Check with parks depart. for meeting with arborist (Jeff Perry)

    - Dana to contact P&R for placement of DR sign

    - Safety Issues
    - wires on baskets tripping people
    - agreed to remove them as only really used for tournaments
    - Install of stairs at holes 3 & 9
    - Bob to make sure its fine with state and P&R

    - Baskets
    - can we move baskets more often
    - as in monthly, every other week, or every other month
    - no decision made
    - members even volunteered to move baskets more often
    - use of both pins
    - more baskets or new ones made
    - Board members would check into cost for new or repairs for old
    - also plugs made for the pins to keep them clean while in other position

    - Mats
    - some need to be replaced
    - we have six total to be replace or maintenance
    - pavers board will check into pros and cons and cost to see if its worth it

    - Kevin about HB this is just run down list board member and kevin walked around HB and discussed
    - bathroom hrs
    - No care taker
    - Removal of 15 & 3 baskets removed
    - city ok'd grass
    - call board in July or August to clean up HB for plans
    - new pin replacement for hole 10
    - finish stairs hole 14 & 2 need trenches

    - Gordy gave treasure report
    - ended 2013 @ $6275
    - current $5498
    - $5550 in hand
    - $1700 for peoples park that didn't happen but ear marked for projects
    - $78 exchange from Bob to Gordy for reposit from weekly Dubs

    - Meeting ended @ 720 pm
    - then all board members went for a walk with off the record walk through and ideas


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