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  • Club Minutes 28-Jan-2013

    Date: 28-Jan-2013
    Time: 1:52 -2:28
    Location: ASG Conference Room

    Director of Operations: James McLaughlin
    Event Coordinator: David Willman
    Community Liaison: Tommy Davis
    Director of Finance: Sara Lagerstrom
    Faculty Advisor: Bruce Steele (Excused)
    ASG Senator: Ryan Jackson

    1) DoO Call to Order
    a)Welcome – meeting called to order by DoO, Mac, at 1:52
    b)Minutes review of Last meeting – approved!

    2) Minutes assigned to PJ Graese

    3) Budget Report Delivered and recorded by acting Treasurer, Sara Lagerstrom:

    4) Officer Responsibilities Touched on:
    Building Dynamic list of responsibilities to fill “Officer Responsibilities and Duties document.”

    Director of Operations: Organization of Paperwork and delivery of in club media during club meetings.
    Director Of Events: Continue working on specific projects related to appreciation plaque, fund raisers, etc…
    Treasurer: Acquire budget Prior to meetings -- report on expected expenditures coming up and incoming funds.
    Community Liaison: Continue upkeep of personal relations, and community help in creation of baskets for course.

    5. Fund Raiser Status:

    Silent auction will begin next week for 3 separate items to be auctioned off in the Lair and Entrance (Southside) of Building 1. Items to be auctioned are:
    • Gift Certificate at Black Diamond Pub and Billiard Hall – Dinner for 2 and 1 hour of Pool. Estimated value $40.00
    • Gift Certificate at Gordy’s Schezwan Café – $25.00 value
    • Gift Certificate for Beautiful Lashes – Estimated Value, $100.00

    6. Team T-Shirt:
    Final Proof – agreed upon, motioned and approved. See Below

    7. Travel Checklist:

    Checklist for travel in late February, Early March has begun.
    Team Roster (tentatively) has been submitted to Bruce Steele our faculty advisor.
    PJ Graese was added to team roster, by unanimous vote under the Conditional Membership Addition.
    Darien McLaughlin also requested to be added to team roster, and will attend meeting next week to request approval from the club.
    Ryan V (Excused) and Mac looked into possible flight options to Estacada – WAY too expensive – club agreed to move forward with original plan of Car rental driving 1-2 days prior to the tournament.
    Local company has offered to help with team Sponsorship and provide the team with a fuel card to use during travel. Stay tuned for updates once proper channels have approved the sponsorship.

    Reported that appreciation plaque is in the process of being created.
    Dog Bag-Tags – Order of 50 to be requisitioned, and 550 cord to be used for tags.
    Ryan Jackson and Tommy were tasked to contact the welding or metal shop here on campus regarding baskets, and dog tags.

    9. Player Pledge Concept:

    After discussion last week about player pledges – Mac brought in rough draft of Player Pledge Form. Discussion was held. Ryan wanted us to ensure that the people/business owners we talked to about the Player Pledge (not Company Sponsorships) knew what they were getting into. Par vs Birdie vs Ace. Final Form will be done for meeting on 4th, and handed out to team members.


    ICEBOWL on Saturday February 2nd. Friday’s practice to be held at Downriver Disc Golf Course – we will spend as much time as necessary and feasible to clean the course in preparation for the Ice Bowl.


    Guest night! – Take note that “Tommy Likes It!”

    Meeting adjourned at 2:28

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