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  • Meeting Minutes -- January 23rd, 2013

    Date: 23-Jan-2013
    Time: 1:55 -2:55
    Location: ASG Conference Room

    Director of Operations: James McLaughlin
    Event Coordinator: David Willman
    Community Liaison: Tommy Davis
    Director of Finance: Sara Lagerstrom
    Faculty Advisor: Bruce Steele (Excused)
    ASG Senator: Ran Jackson

    1)DoO Call to Order
    a)Welcome – meeting called to order by DoO, Mac, at 1:55
    b)Ice Breaker – quick chat about discs and bags, got right to business

    2)Minutes assigned to Tommy Davis –
    3)Topics of Discussion follows.

    a)Old Business:

    1....appointing officer positions resulted in Director of Operations, Events Coordinator, Community Liaison, and Director of Finance. The appointees all by unanimous vote were:
    i.Director of Operations (DoO): James 'Mac' McLaughlin
    ii.Events Coordinator: David 'Upshot' Willman
    iii.Community Liaison: Tommy 'The Machine Gun' Davis
    iv.Director of Finance: Sara Lagerstrom
    2....of Fund Raisers to move forward first week in February. Silent Auction table will be set up in building 1, the Lair, and inside cafe. Volunteers and schedules will be looked at next week for hourly rotations.

    b)New Business:

    1.T-shirt design was decided on “affordable” Small Print Front Left Chest and NW Invitational on the right sleeve. Image can be found at end of document.

    2.Disc list was discussed, hoping to pick some of the plastic up this weekend while in Auburn, but complications with payment does not allow this. Reminded club members that the plastic was STAR, Champ, and Champ Blizzard for only $12.00 each. Payment should be expected ASAP, but is not required until March 1st, 2013.

    3.Travel checklist is being compiled for 5 members planning on attending trip. All players were informed that we need SID's, and travel forms signed ASAP. Discussed camping options – decided camping as a team on site was best experience for all involved.
    i.RYAN VIDRINE was assigned task of looking into least expensive option. Possible flight and rental or just rental were discussed.
    4.Addendum was voted and agreed upon to establish clear club rules on how and if members can qualify for event travel and collegiate competition if personal schedules do not conform to club and team practice schedule.. This was brought on to ensure participation and involvement of any club member that WANTS to compete. The addendum to our constitution can be found under ~Conditional Membership Responsibilities', page 3 section 4. See end of document for actual insert. (i)

    5.Addendum was voted and agreed upon to establish broader club purpose regarding local disc golf courses in the Spokane Area. The addendum to our constitution can be found under ~Purpose, page 1, section1. See end of document for actual insert (ii)

    Bag Tags were discussed. Dog tag style with embedded numbers will be created. DAVID WILLMAN, was tasked to find and discover anyone in town, or a SCC club / department that may be able to work this out for us.

    Land behind building 28 was also discussed after Ryan V. took a walk on it today. We were informed that a course CAN be put into place as long as we adhere to building codes involving proximity to the river. We will also have to inform the facilities department of possible issues with the proximity of building 28. I move that we request they move the building to allow full flight drives across the 800 foot space.

    In hopes of course build up on campus, we will discuss with the welding tech/school what it may take to get them to be tasked out to such a job. Creation of baskets to be used seasonally -- maybe in a pay to play environment, if you are not a student of CCS.

    Handicap establishment was discussed and concept was accepted. This will make the 20+ member base bag tag challenges more evenly matched. Please see HANDICAP post on

    Meeting adjourned at 2:55

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