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    The SCC Disc Golf Club is an association of disc golfers formed to represent their collective disc golf interest and Spokane Community College. The club represents students of SCC, as well as family, friends, and interested players within the community.


    The Club's purpose is to coordinate the members' efforts in matters of:
    • Assist in the maintenance of the following disc golf courses in the Spokane Area: Camp Sekani Jamboree Disc Golf Course, High Bridge Disc Golf Course and, DownRiver Disc Golf Course.
    • Program and event scheduling and purposeful advancement of the sport within our local community,
    • Communication with members, recreational disc golfers, the community, the respective park departments and other clubs.
    • Upkeep and maintain operational procedures, administrative policies and club rules and guidelines.

    Provide club members an organization:
    • To promote involved membership and team participation locally and regionally,
    • To voice their opinions and participate in a disc golf organization,
    • To provide credibility with park departments, potential sponsors, SCC and the PDGA,
    • To expand disc golf in the area.


    Membership Types:

    Club Membership benefits vary with each type. Every student member of the club has the ability and the right to vote in any elections or otherwise unstated parliamentary procedures.
    Specific responsibilities for each of the officer positions will change in accordance with membership involvement, season, and school functions. These responsibilities will dynamically reflect these factors and can be found in our Officer Responsibilities and Duties Document i

    ACE MEMBERSHIP: (only available to qualifying students)
    • Full membership with full responsibilities and voting rights.
    • Must fulfill officer assigned responsibilities.
    • Must hold office and/or run 1 SCC Disc Golf Club event per Quarter.
    • May qualify for entry fee payment for applicable tournaments and all collegiate level invites.

    BIRDIE MEMBERSHIP: (only available to qualifying students)
    • Full membership with voting rights and limited responsibilities.
    • Must fulfill minimal responsibilities.
    • May qualify for entry fee payment for applicable tournaments and all collegiate level invites.

    SANDBAGGER MEMBERSHIP: (available to all qualifying students)
    • Partial membership with minimal responsibilities and voting rights.
    • May qualify for entry fee payment for applicable tournaments and all collegiate level invites.

    Membership Responsibilities:

    MINIMAL: (All membership levels)
    • Maintain active club status (As per individual due to varying schedules)
    • Support the Club, its members and friends.
    • Assist with course maintenance and clean-up. (Min. of 4/quarter)
    • Give assistance to new players and visitors.
    • Adhere to and follow all guidelines as stated in the Standard of Conduct for Students ii
    • Abide by PDGA rules of courtesy, integrity, and responsibility.

    LIMITED: (Ace, and Birdie Memberships)
    • All ˜Minimal' responsibilities.
    • Able to partake in any club meetings and parliamentary procedure held.
    • Provide assistance on club projects and events. (min. of 1 / quarter)

    FULL: (Ace Memberships)
    • All ˜Limited' responsibilities.
    • Allowed to hold an officers position within the club.
    • Must direct or co-direct an event or program (minimum of 1 / quarter).

    CONDITIONAL: (Ace / Birdie Memberships)
    • Must complete 10 hours of membership activity in a 5 week period (or more if time allows) prior to any collegiate event.
    • Hours can be compiled in any combination of the ~Minimal' Responsibilities, as well as any additional Disc Golf Club activities.
    • Club Members must request approval of the club in order to utilize this privilege.

    Benefits of Membership:
    • One school year membership in the SCC DISC GOLF CLUB.
    • A membership card / club bag tag with a permanent member number. (Available in the Spring 2013)
    • Free SCC DISC GOLF CLUB e-mailings and newsletters.
    • Ace, and Birdie memberships may qualify for (according to SCC, and ASG guidelines) entry fees to any and all team tournament events locally, as well as collegiate events outside of the immediate area.
    • An annual T-Shirt and Disc with each new Fall registration to all members with respective logo.

    Suspension of Membership:

    A member may be suspended for any of the following:
    Activities that are in violation of the law, park regulations, Student Standard of Conduct, and our own club membership guidelines.

    i Officer Responsibilities and Duties
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