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    Originally posted by TreeLove View Post
    Just use any regular LEDs (0.7 V drop) with your CR2025 (or any 3V lithium coin cell) batteries. Sure, the voltage is too high, but who cares? They won't burn out. You will just get a bit shorter battery life, which is still like, forever. And they will shine brightly! No need to be an electronics purist and worry about using a limiting resistor.
    At first, the only ones I could find were 1.85v
    But then I found some 2.3v (I can remember right now)
    They were still under 3v and we were worried they would burn out.
    but the guy at the place I bought them tested one on a machine in the back room and said they would work ok at 3v


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      tonight's the night #1 of 6
      and i think the weather is going to be ok
      see ya there
      I was just given an idea about a CTP, from a DGCR glow thread
      so i'm going to see what i can find


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        the last glow round i started feeling kinda sick
        it was foggy making everything blurry
        and a couple people on my card keep using white (reg.) flashlights
        and they also had those very bright white light, night ize lights for their discs (the kind that go through a hole in the middle)
        i think i am like a bug and kept looking at the white light

        i am hoping these bright lights going off and on was what was bothering me
        i am going to try harder tonight to discourage white light, and work at not looking at the bright light

        has anyone else experienced this?
        or was i just having a bad night?


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