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  • Football receiver gloves

    So me and a friend started playing disc golf a little over a month ago. Last Friday we played our first round in the rain. We had towels, and it worked OK for awhile till all the towels got damp.

    Has anyone tried throwing with those really sticky football receiver gloves when it is raining?

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    I can't imagine I'd like them at all. To me, it's all about the feel of the disc. Would drive me crazy. Also, too sticky would cause all sorts of release issues.


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      Ask DC Dan, or Dana Lawton.
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        IMO I would stick with multiple towels before resorting to a glove. Bring a couple of towels in zip lock bags and bust them our mid-round when you need them. Also when your hand and disc is mostly dry try a birdie bag or climbing chalk. After drying off said disc and head, keep them covered by putting it under your shirt until its your turn to throw. Gloves become just another unpredictable variable in getting a consistent release and with extra "tackiness" on the receiver gloves the residue might transfer to your disc which could become an extra mess.


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          also you never need to dry off the whole disc just dry the area your gonna grip and you use less shammWOW or towel
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            Originally posted by TreeLove