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  • As the rain falls...

    I can't help but reflect on what an amazing summer it has been. Almost every one of our summer tourneys had near perfect weather. I hope all of you had a chance to get out there and play a ton of golf over the summer. I know I did and I enjoyed every single round... even the ones where I played terribly.

    And now... I will dig out my umbrella, waterproof shoes and rain gear and mentally prepare myself for another long, wet winter of disc golf. A little cold and rain certainly will not stop me from enjoying disc golf.

    I will, however, miss playing in shorts

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    I played softball every Sunday evening this spring and summer, from April 15 straight through to mid-September, and we didn't get rained out ONCE.
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      i have brand new gaiters!!! they're waaaaayyy sexy... so stoked to wear them this weekend.

      it was certainly the summer to remember that just wouldn't end and i loved every second of it... but this morning when i stepped out onto the front porch and heard the drops on the tin roof and smelled that fantastic wetdirt smell of the first rain in a long time... it smelled gooood.
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        It was a great summer. I bet we'll still get a couple gorgeous days but I also would bet on them being Tuesdays! I don't think I played more disc this summer than ever (but for my modern life the most in a few years) and it was great even when my scores were not.

        Waterproof (more resistant really), Gaiters, and shells here we come! And heavier discs and grippier plastic. We live in Oregon and know it rains more often than not in fall and winter and spring... no excuses! But my how easy it was to forget with such an amazing summer.
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          after the first big rain there is always a good month or so of gorgeous weather... it's just that it's a month late this year... usually it's a stunning october after a soggy september... i'm sure we will have an amazing last half of october and early november this year!
          "'There are two mantras.,' Bernard said, 'Yum and yuk. Mine is yum.'"
          Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker


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            We are so fortunate to dwell here in the great NW! Thank Jah and Gortex for keeping us comfortable.

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