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    Courses Change

    The same thing happened to me. What it is is the course itself is changing. There are courses that are more trafficked than other people. If your course is getting more traffic those other guys shouldn't be playing multiple discs. It sucks when there are tons of people on the course. The answer for me was to drive an extra ten minutes to a newer course with less people. If your course is trafficked someone will start to tell those people off.

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      We played a weekday at Timber recently, and a group of 2 jumped our group of 5 (which normally I would not mind if we were asked) and proceeded to throw a min of 3 each at each tee, answer cell phones in the middle of a hole, smoke/drink on the tees of the next hole while the next 6 holes were empty. Enough comments from us finally caused them to scurry off but we really could not believe their antics. Of note, these guys had 3 discs each and no bags, but they knew what was up and were not making eye contact whe n they passed close. We then went to McGuyver and a group of three was sitting on west #1. Same thing with the 3 off the tee, searching for discs without offering the play-thru, and BS'ing on the tee. These guys were suprising because they had tourney shirts, pro-bags with patches/dual straps, etc. They even played #9 as an optional hole while walking to #4. Eventually they picked it up, but it was a long 9 following them.

      I agree with other posters that throwing into them is not the answer, but do talk to them either about playing through or just the ettiquite of throwing multiple discs. Some people don't have the luxury of playing 9 holes in 2 hours...


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        found some real d-bags yesterday at dabney,
        they were very slow group of 5, and wouldnt respond to our requests to play through even though they were looking for multiple discs.
        on the hole after that, 16 i believe, one dude actually picked up and threw my girl's disc in the other direction and walked off.
        all 20 disc bag carriers so, no newbs, just jerks.


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          and now for some good news...

          ... i was at pier recently, just by myself, and had totally pep-talked myself into the attitude of "hey, it's a beautiful sunny day at pier. there's going to be plenty of people. don't let it bug you... don't let it interfere with your groove... take the opportunity to get some work done while waiting for groups..." anyway, every single group that i caught up with waited on the teepad for me to play through... were polite and pleasant in demeanor and also a lot of them had cute dogs (no, mittl, none of them were cuter than floyd ). i let people play through me as well, because i was throwing multiple shots and sort of dilly-dallying in the sunshine. it was very lovely and a great example of appropriate course ettiquette. i was pleased.
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            Emma, thanks for sharing a positive experience.

            I wouldn't expect much less but thanks none the less.
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