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  • Help with bag tag

    Hey all, I'm trying to find out some info/advice on setting up a bag tag challenge. Not sure how to go about it or what to expect but have had many people asking me to look into it for the winter. any help would be much appreciated
    "Just because you have a club doesn't mean you're organized..."

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    West Sound Disc Golf has run a Bag Tag Challenge for the last four years. The bag tag model has been adjusted each year to match its goals with the players.

    See below for the 2012 version.

    Click here for the West Sound Bag Tag Challenge

    There are lots of different ways to run a Bag Tag Challenge. A basic search will finds lots of rules and models. Use the best one that fits the intended goal of your group of players.


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      Just some thoughts to consider when evaluating your player base.
      We at West Sound have found that our players tend to fall into one of two extremes.
      1) Uber Reward centered-want some sort of payout at the end of the season. If the #1 tag holder was in this group he might even consider "hiding" near the end of the season to ensure he doesn't lose his tag to maximize his payout at season end.

      2) Uber Competitive(prestige centered)- These people don't care about the payout as much as the GLORY!!!! They just want to be recognized for being a top tag holder(if only for a while). Tags are a grat way to feed this spirit of competition. #1 tag holder here would paste on Facebook, "I got #1, just come and try and take it from me!!!"

      The mix of 1s vs 2s will probably be the biggest factor in determing what sort of rules and payout you use.
      Good luck!
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        I haven't decided yet what the end payout will be like. likely small as I'm thinking it would be really neat to do this in support of a few players that play our course, do our work parties and what not. I was thinking a portion of the bag tag money would be used to make custom tournament shirts for a few players (kinda like club sponsored?) My thinking is that anyone that would be interested in being in the "chosen 2-4" would have to write a 1/2 page explanation as to why we should pick them in the end for this. There would be other requirements also, like attendance at club events and x amount of dubs during the calender year, etc...
        Has anyone tried something like this? Any other advice?
        "Just because you have a club doesn't mean you're organized..."


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