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  • Final 9 format should be???

    Just watched the Pro Worlds Final 9. I was a bit disappointed with how many birdie or die holes were in there. I am curious to hear what people think the final 9 should be like.
    Deaf nationals has been varied for their final 9 but we have been pushing for more safari and par 4-5 holes to really give the players a chance to shuffle and show their skills as opposed to playing normal holes that have already been played in tournament play.

    I'm a safari guy, I like accuracy, placement, and actual cognitive golf; at least par 32-33 for 9 holes. What do others think final 9 should be made up of?

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    I vote for scraping the whole final nine idea. It takes to much time to complete. Extra holes should only be played to settle any ties for trophies. Have you ever seen a final nine in a Ball golf major? NO. The use of a "cut" after x number of rounds would be more beneficial.

    Set the number rounds, including number of holes per round, and let the best player for that given event raise to the top for the win.

    Actually, I'm starting to think that some of the 2 day events would be better served by having a cut after the first day or after the 3rd round on the second day and then have ALL players that are cashing play one full addtional round for final placing for cash/scrip.

    Even better yet, make the event a one day event. If you really want the event to be a full weekend, then have two "one day" events (am/pro or singles/doubles). Exceptions would be for A tier events with minimum of 54 holes. IMHO, most B tier and ALL C tier events should be one day.

    Sure, some spectators would like to see the best players at the event battle it out for the top three spots in a final nine, but in my observations, most players would like to get back to thier families after thier rounds are completed for the day.


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      I'll have to disagree, I personally like the final nine format, I think that it's fun for spectators and it gives players a chance to watch the top pros that otherwise would be playing at the same time. I'd agree that the most exciting final nines in my opinion feature either safari holes or just the harder holes on the course, I tend to like watching final nines that are a blend of the two.

      I think one problem with the first day cut idea, is that honestly, a lot of players go out and play tournaments not just for the competition but also because DG tournaments can just be fun in their own right. If I paid $100 to play in a tournament and then was cut after the first of two days, I can guarantee you I wouldn't be coming back next year.
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        Exactly, entry fees have gotten too high and there needs to be more one day events.

        Personally, I play DG tournaments for the experience and not for the competition (for the most part). In some past events, I have had second thoughts about driving to the course on the second day to only play one round. At times I wish the tournament was a four round event to make my travel time worth it on the second day, but anyway, I could never bring myself to DNF unless I was physically unable to play.

        As for the final nine concept, yes, I liked the idea when I first started playing in tournaments to watch the top open players (tee times, BSF style, pulls this off without the use of a final nine to allow opportunities to spectate). Of course, the BSF model only works for a top tiered event. The average events need to run a standard shot gun style start to maximize the field size and minimize the overall time comittment for the day.

        Fast forward many years of playing and event experience, my current thoughts are if a final nine is deemed necessary by the TD, then make it an exhibition skins event that is NOT part of the overall scoring.


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