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  • Disc Golf in Alaska!

    I'm currently in Alaska, playing disc golf. If any of you people get a chance to get here, you MUST play Kincaid DGC. This is one of the best courses I have ever played. 2 t-pads per hole, AM-PRO. The most technical golf I have ever played, and on par with Milo's 18. AWESOME!!!!!! My score on AM is -8, PRO -2
    Hukin since 1992
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    What time are you playing rounds??

    I remember playing up there at 2am...still light out!


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      Go play Hilltop DGC @ the ski area and head down to girdwood and eat @ the bake shop. Also peters creek is a fun 18 north of town and Service HS has a fun 9 holes on the way to hilltop. Enjoy the 907. Play all night!


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        Sounds AWESOME Mikk! Do you have other plans up there, or just DG? Take some pics!


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          Ya I played Peters Creek, super awesome!! It gave Daliawood a run for the money in the tree department!!!
          Unfortunately I didn't take any golf pix ;( However I did play 126 holes of disc golf in 40 hours, no sleep, played thru the night with no problems, glow golf just doesnt happen in Alaska in the summer
          I played Alcantra ,9 holes, Kincaid ,18 holes, red-am, blue-pro and white-god t-pads, and Peters Creek-18 holes. Boy I miss living in Alaska. Sometimes I wonder why I moved away, then I remember digging my lifted 4x4 truck out of the snow, stil in the driveway, just to get to work!!!!
          Hukin since 1992
          DGOD #115


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            Kincaid is a pretty amazing course. The only thing I don't like about it are the gimmick baskets. I think there's two baskets that are raised way up and one that is hanging from a chain. There are lots of difficult but fair holes and fun shots. And the view of the inlet and Fire Island is pretty amazing from a few of the holes.

            Peter's Creek has a few solid holes, but mostly seemed like they just put 18 baskets in the woods and called it a day. Its really short but more lucky than technical on a lot of holes. Its still a fun little course though.

            I heard they pulled the Westchester course due to people (golfers and non-golfers alike) being idiots about drinking and smoking openly all the time. That's a shame because it was a good beginner/recreational course.
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