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    Hello, I'm Bro.
    This post is something I hoped I would never have to write but there are some persistent rumors about me that I need to address. I've been ignoring these rumors for some time now with the hope that they would dissipate.

    The rumors I am referring to are allegations of unauthorized and illegal cutting at both North Park and Seatac. I have done work at both parks in the past but it has been 2+ years since I have done anything at North Park and at least 3 years for Seatac. Almost everything I did at North Park was cleared with Lowell and ALL of the work at Seatac was done with approval by Jub, Guy or Herm.

    I hold anyone who hacks on a course to make it easier in the greatest of contempt. Modifying a course to make it easier is an incredibly selfish act of destruction that runs contrary to the very spirit of the sport. I have never and will never cut something because "it is in the way" or "blocking my shot". I though I just needed to become a better golfer and avoid trouble spots.

    Seatac is a very special course to me. The full 18 opened soon after I started playing and I've loved it's difficulty and challenge from the beginning. My small contributions have included trimming the grass, removing debris from the fairways, removing blackberries and concrete removal. If you follow the line of bushes off the left side of pad 17 to the grove of trees, there is a huge pile of concrete and metal (now overgrown with blackberries) that I cleared by hand from the fairway. There is probably a couple of tons of concrete there that was the broken remains of house foundations. Each piece was dug up, levered out, broken into portable chunks (less than 200 lbs) and hand carried by me to that pile. I spend days doing nothing but pulling concrete out of all the fairways and moving it out of the line of play. Fallen trees and branches were also my pleasure to remove from the fairways and were thrown off the course or hidden out of the intended line of play.

    I did this because I want to feel like I have earned my place on the teepad and to offer a small contribution to the sport we all love. I must admit it angers me to have my name attached to the hole cut in the bushes by the pin on hole 12 at Seatac. Setting the blame on me distracts us from finding the the actual son of a bitch who would whack a hole to make the shot easier. In my mind, the logical extension of this mindset is we should cut down everything and pave the whole course because that would make it super easy. Idiots that vandalize courses should be ostracized from the sport and, if possible, face criminal charges for destruction of public property.

    I don't think this post will make any difference in the minds of those convinced that "since Bro cut something somewhere, he must be responsible for cutting everything everywhere."

    For everyone else, remain ever vigilant against the weak and cowardly bastards who are such shitty disc golfers that decide that making the course easier is a good idea.

    If you made it this far, thank you for enduring my rambling.
    What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

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    Well said Bro.

    Thank you to you & to all that volunteer to help keep a disc golf course maintained. Our sport thrives & exists due to the hard work & dedication of so many wonderful volunteers.

    No one who loves the game as much as you, who loves SeaTac as much as you, would ever do unauthorized work to gain an advantage. Ludicrous!

    Scoundrels indeed who hack a course up.


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      Originally posted by izaper
      This might be good for an nursing school program
      You gotta be kidding me....

      That aside, I also want to say thanks for the many hours spent of your own time improving courses so that many others (including those that don't volunteer) can enjoy them more. We need good volunteers. Eric at Lakewood
      can tell you that.
      I don't know you, nor am I in the loop about who said what, but when people speculate or glean information from unreliable or mis-informed sources,and voice those opinions, they don't think about how it makes the target of that mis-information feel.
      Hope you get vindicated. I'm wondering if the accusers are the ones that never show up for work parties. I wouldn't be surprised.
      Basket thieves


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        Originally posted by izaper
        This might be good for an nursing school program
        Oh, and nice first post. Welcome to the forums.
        Basket thieves


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          Nursing school program on a disc golf forum = search engine optimization
          Read this ^


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            Originally posted by izaper
            This might be good for an nursing school program
            "When a ball dreams, it dreams it is a frisbee."


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              Bro is a nice straight up guy that would never do any unauthorized cutting on a course. I would assume anyone that would take it upon themselves to butcher a course (cutting the bush on hole two at the tac) wouldn't even have the knowledge of how to log on to this forum, so most bitchings will probably fall on deaf ears.

              Wasn't it Bro that took a skateboard to the head when he bravely tried to get rid of the hoodlums at North Park? Hell, he should get a free pass and free tourney entries for a couple of years for that.

              Bro, that wasn't you though was it that snuck out to Lake Stevens a few years ago and swapped out all the normal baskets with the shroom baskets was it? Still trying to figure that one out......

              Keep up the good work everyone that adds to the sport by bettering the courses!


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                Good post bro..........i know its good to just get these things off your chest and i does make a difference to help feel a little better about wrongful accusations.


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                  Thanks to all for your words of support and encouragement.

                  Every course has many unsung heros who built it, cleared it, clean it and are stewards of the course. To each and every one of you: Thank you for your time, money and sweat. Without your hard work there wouldn't be any disc golf courses.

                  A shout out to Eric, the maintenance coordinator for Seatac and all his helpers/minions. The course looks better than ever and my only regret is that I'm running out of ways to blame the course for my awful play.
                  What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


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                    Izaper is a fool


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                      I would personaly love to catch a illegal tree hacker been too much of that around here, white river, fenwick and the 'tac.. Herrasy I say!!
                      Sorry to hear the ugly finger was pointed at you Bro. I heard the rumors myself, but chose to ignore the fools who spew their hate around...
                      Hukin since 1992
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