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  • The Chainbangerz Appreciation Thread

    Thank you Keith. Thank you for everything that you do. Thank you for the selfless and thankless hard work that you do that you aren't recognized or even take credit for. Thank you for saving Lakewood and making Seatac a place I can actually play at without looking for or losing a disc every tee shot. Thank you for restoring the relationship and communication between parks and recreation and the disc golf community. Thank you for having trust in me and letting me work in a disc golf store. Thank you. I could keep going all day....
    Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

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      Thanks for the call backs on my lost discs, and the chilli and hotdogs at Lakewood!!!! nothing better
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        Thank you for all of your hard work and for putting up with constant haters after you've put yourself out there on the line so many times! Thank you for being the first one to get the city to mow SeaTac! Thank you for getting thousands of dollars of grant money to renovate Lakewood when it was looking like we would no longer have much of a course! Thank you for your persistent effort in getting extra space at SeaTac to expand the course!

        In sum, thank you for getting done what people didn't get done for 5-10 or more years and thank you for getting done what people said could never get done.
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          Keith and Adam have been very supportive of the DG community as a whole. Their on-going work on new courses and efforts to maintain and improve the existing courses is commendable. Thank you for your fine work.


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            Thank you for the bag of clams I won at the raffle at one of your dubs tournies. They weren't the bearded kind, but they were good anyway.


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              Thanks Keith and Chainbangers!
              A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work!


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                Thank you all

                THANK YOU ALL for the support
                Thanks Thomas for starting this thread, thanks for working at Chainbangerz. I know sometimes the negativity is rough to take on,and sorry to have subjected you to this. I can be exausting at times, and I know you didn't sign up for that,or expect that before taking the job. You are a great employee and we are very glad to have you on board.

                Andrew,thank YOU for ALL of your hard work and years of trying to unify this sometimes divided disc golf community. The amount of philathropy you have put into the Seattle Disc Golf Community surpasses all others. Thank you for all your super fun events and all your support. You are always welcome aboard any and all of chainbanger ventures.
                HUGE thanks for the $2000 you and Sheila donated outta pocket to keep the TAC alive.
                YOU RAWK!!!!

                Thanks BA for you just being who you are your positive attitude is very contagious. Its always good to see you. You have a knack for putting a smile on my face when I see you. So thanks for that.
                BTW tanks for those brews.. sooooooooooo tasty, I owe you...

                Thanks Kelly for your shouts out. You are always supportive of all our efforts and always there,and that means allot. Keep the slayer pumping @ full volume

                Thanks Mikk, plenty O dogs and chainbanger chili at lakewood each visit.

                Thanks Will for your support and kind words on the other posts here in the forum. Its easy to jump on the hate band wagon, and you roadblocked that with sincere words , and I appreciate that.

                Thanks Chris for your support, its good to know that no matter where you are in the State we are ALL part of something bigger than ALL of us,and its all cause of those little plastic saucers.. pretty cool,

                THANKS TO ALL ONCE AGAIN
                Haters keep hatin, creators keep creating.


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                  Dont get overwhelmed with the "haters". There are truly only a small handfull and not even that many. They are just louder than anyone else. You handled the recent dramas with class and dignity. Ive been around for a few years and am very impressed at how you have fast forwarded disc golf in your community. Awesome!!! Could you move to Tacoma next? How about Oly?
                  One more thing Keith, dont give BA so much credit. He makes me smile too. Kind of like when I let out a ripping fart that stinks so bad I just smile and think "whats BA up to.".


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                    I know the truth

                    Originally posted by LakeStevensBA View Post
                    Thank you for the bag of clams I won at the raffle at one of your dubs tournies. They weren't the bearded kind, but they were good anyway.
                    Hey buddy, I have a bearded gooey duck for you. Just to show my thanks for you not having the courage to show up @ RS OPEN. I will bring it to the Sushi. I will soak it in cider to keep it fresh.


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                      I like this thread a lot!!! Wanted nothing to do with the hater thread, but as a visitor from Portland to Seattle, I was very impressed with the technical nature but clean cut of SeaTac, and the awesome community established around Lakewood. Cheers!


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                        I, too, would like to thank Keith, Adam, and all Chainbangerz club members! Proud member since a few years ago or something.
                        We need to import more proactive disc golfers like Keith, Andrew, and the like-- or if we could just clone a few more TD's and such, we'll be up to speed with Portland in no time.

                        BA, that's the only time you'll win clams at a dg tourney, so I hope you savored them. BTW, thanks for being so generous & such a goofy bastard as that other guy alluded to... when it comes to beer, you're our savant idiot. (flipped for effect)
                        Don't just walk past that candy wrapper on the fairway-- I know you saw it!


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                          I have an idea. I think we should start DG world summit. Lets work out the issues and move forward. I propose a neutral location and date that we can get all of the DG players, clubs, clicks, factions, ect together to hash it all out on the round table. I would suggest a date this October. Look at the schedule its empty.



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                            Since the beginning Chainbangerz has gone above and beyond to work with the community and have showed appreciation through their hard work on the course/TDing, fundraising, and charity work. Both Adam and Keith are amazing individuals who have a strong vision and work endlessly to achieve it. Since the beginning they have been there to listen to what people have had to say and have tried to make CHAINS FOR THE BETTER! The club members and many others have done a fantastic job as well supporting events and helping to make improvements to the courses they have access to. I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING SEATTLE A BETTER PLACE. Coming from California where unfortuanlatly I didn't have a chance to be apart of a cause, I feel lucky to have found my place within the Chainbangerz Nation. Proud member #25 and team banger.

                            Cheers to all that make a differerece.

                            JR S

                            Oh, and I guess you too BA and Toby.
                            "What's in the bag", pdga #37977, dgcr #356, **Team Chainbanger'z**

                            You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.
                            -- Arthur Ashe


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                              Much love for Keith, Adam and the whole organization for the outstanding tournament this weekend! Getting SeaTac to look like that had to take a few hundred man-hours. The tourney was seamless, on time, money-added and I really appreciated having lunch at the course both days. As always, I look forward to the next time I can play in a Chainbangerz event. Yallz done good!

                              Cheers, everyone!
                    's what's for dinner!

                              Team Deucebag


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