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    Originally posted by Parks View Post
    Wat? I'm not sure what you're referencing in regards to me.
    The quote they pulled from DGR from 'Parks' - I made a guess that was probably the same 'Parks' from Spokane, with the same avatar pic etc. - unless you've got a doppelgänger
    'Weekend 4 Women':
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      Oh wow, I just skimmed the top portion of that blog post and decided it wasn't worth reading. I didn't even see that part. I thought you were referring to the thread that Silly linked in the original post that had some comments from me, and I was confuzzled.

      "I urge you to examine some of theposts on one of the most commented on forums at discgolfreview.com, "Gays serving open in the military" (http://www.discgolfreview.com/forums...st=o&sk=t&sd=a) The overwhelming support to put our nation's openly gay on the front line may just be disc golf's conspiratorial attempt at a legal form of execution, leaving the dirty work to our enemy combatants. Though many of the disc golfers appear to be following the trend, some feel like Parks, a forum poster on 2/03/10 who wrote, "I don't want some dude watching my ass instead of covering my six. How can you shoot straight with a limp wrist?" What I take from this is that Parks wants a dude to cover his six... This isn't surprising as Park's tag line on every post is, "We're at our best when it's from our hips", hmm. Maybe the gays are rubbing off on some disc golfers after all. (Perhaps Parks would be well served by the note on 4/15/08 regarding FAQ 2006.15 of the PDGA's officials rules, Kneeling on a towel. "One may use a towel or small pad (with a maximum compressed thickness of 1 centimeter) in order to prevent harm/abrasion to the body during competitive play." (http://www.pdga.com/files.documents/RulesQ&A.pdf))"

      I don't think that the person who writes that blog understands that DGR is mostly people joking around and poking fun at serious people. Hence the next person in the thread posting the laughing emoticons.
      We're at our best when it's from our hips


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        Originally posted by cefire View Post
        I think it pops up more often or perhaps is just more salient in our community because many new courses are started with the parks dept. mindset of getting shenanigans (drug deals, hookups, homeless, hoodie-wearers, etc.) out of the park. This often leads to an "us versus them" mindset which pits disc golfers against others in the struggle for a potential new course - seems like a fairly natural progression by which this mindset could extend beyond the installation date. Not saying it is or isn't the case as I only have anecdotal data, but seems very plausible that this would be more likely in our group compared with others.
        Thank you Andrew I'm not always great with words and getting a point across but this is exactly right.
        Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

        ~ Cyndi Lauper ~


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